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   Chapter 593 I'll Live With You

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7140

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Wesley was still not headed for the Queen's Road this time. Blair couldn't help but ask, "Where are we going?"

Wesley was his usual self, and gave no response.

By now, Blair was fuming mad. 'The silent game, huh? Fine! We'll see who talks first.'

At long last, they pulled into an unfamiliar housing estate. Blair could tell that this was a high-class complex, and there was no way she could afford this. But it was close to her company.

Under her confused eyes, Wesley stopped the car and got out.

"Hey! Why did you bring me here?" Blair asked as she got out of the car as well.

With her suitcase in his hand, Wesley walked towards one of the buildings. A security guard came over. After hearing they lived on the 21st floor, he smiled and left.

When they were in the elevator, Blair stood in front of him and looked him in the eye asking, "What's going on?"

"Since you won't stay in Niles' apartment, you can live with me for now. You always get sick. I can't trust you to live alone. I need you close to keep an eye on you," Wesley answered.

"What? Then is this your apartment?"

"No. I borrowed it from Carlos. He has a lot of places he doesn't use. Don't worry. We can live here as long as we want." He wasn't wrong. Carlos had so many apartments that he had already forgotten about this one. If it weren't for Wesley asking, Carlos would never have thought of it.

"We?" Blair couldn't believe her ears.

"Mmm hmm." The doors of the elevator opened, and they walked out. "Wait! So why here?"

Wesley took out a ring filled with keys. There was only one apartment on each floor. While changing the password of the lock, he said, "Joslyn's parents live next to me in the Hillside Apartments. I don't think you'd want to live there. Since you won't stay at Niles' place, this is the last place I can think of."

Blair was struck speechless. He made her feel like they were a couple living together.

Blair saw Wesley mess with the keypad and change the password to her birthday.

He opened the door, and the apartment was very clean. Carlos' assistant hired maids and such to clean each of his apa

d! Kiss her so she couldn't say anything hurtful!


What is he thinking? I was always the one kissing him. But things have changed.

He's kissed me three times in two days!'

The wind rose and chilled them. Blair couldn't help trembling because of the cold. Wesley held her tighter and kissed her even more passionately.

As if her lips were magic, Wesley was unable to fight the urge. He couldn't even stop.

After a long while, he finally let go of her, panting. He rubbed her swollen lips with his rough finger. "Don't say that again, Blair. I've been hooked since you first kissed me. You kissed me once, I'd kiss you ten times. A hundred times!"

'Seriously? He used to be an idiot when it came to love.

But now, he's flirting with me. And doing a damn good job, too.'

"You..." Blair stammered.


"Nothing..." 'Good job, Wesley! You always turn me around when I want to give up on you.'

"You should feel lucky we're not in the apartment. Blair, I'm not a nice guy. Piss me off again, and I'll bring you back to the apartment. Then..." His eyes reflected a mischievous side she rarely saw.

Blair took a step back and asked, "Then what?"

Wesley gave her a smug smile and answered, "I'll make love to you so much you won't be able to leave the bed for three days." He had long wanted to do this. But his logic always stopped him.

Blair's face was now as red as a tomato.

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