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   Chapter 592 Sit On The Car Roof

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Inside the car, Wesley's phone rang. Though he was driving, he still answered it. "Uncle Wesley." Megan was on the other end of the line and she sounded like she had a lot of time on her hand.

"Hmm?" Wesley asked in an absent-minded tone.

"I'm ready. When are you going to be here to pick me up? By the way, I haven't had supper yet. Would you like to choose the menu tonight?" Her cheerful voice made Blair's face turn a sullen shade. She didn't want Megan intruding their time.

After some consideration, Wesley said apologetically, "Megan, I'm busy right now. Can you ask Wood to drive you to my apartment? I'll ask a chef to cook for you."

Megan seemed rather disappointed when she heard that. "But Uncle Wesley, you said you'd have supper with me. I don't wanna dine alone. Are you still busy working?"

"No, Megan. But I am driving right now."

Megan paused for a while and then continued, "Uncle Wesley, if you don't have anything urgent, will you please, please pick me up so I can stay with you. I swear I won't cause you any trouble. I'll be a good girl. I just don't want to be alone. None of my classmates is willing to hang out with me. I feel so bored. Please...Uncle Wesley." She began to play cute and sweet.

Blair couldn't bear it any longer. "Stop the car!" she demanded in a voice that cut across the hum of the engine and reached Megan's side.

Megan asked curiously, "Uncle Wesley, who is with you?"

"It's me, Blair," Blair responded coldly.

"Ah, I remember you. You are Uncle Wesley's neighbor. Uncle Wesley, I want to meet Blair too. Please come over and pick me up."

"Hmm," Wesley finally agreed, and Megan hung up with a cheerful ton of thanks.

Blair was really annoyed. 'She's a bitch!' she thought.

Wesley turned the car around and began to drive towards a high-class housing estate. When they were driving past a convenience store, Blair suddenly said, "You go and pick her up. I'm thirsty. I'm going to buy a bottle of water."

Wesley pulled over and watched as she got out of the car.

Buying the water only took a couple of minutes, but Wesley returned only after ten minutes, stopping the car beside Blair.

She reached out her hand to open the passenger door casually, but the window rolled down, revealing Megan's smug face.

"Hi, Blair! Uncle Wesley told me that you were sitting in the passenger seat. But I get carsick if I sit in the back seat. I'm sorry. Will you please sit in the back seat?" Megan asked in a soft voice and flashed an apologeti

fore getting out of the car, he told Blair, "Wait for me here. I'll be back after settling her up."

Blair didn't respond. In fact, she didn't even raise her head. Her brain was rushing, though.

As soon as the two of them were out of sight, she called Hartwell. "Hi Hartwell, are you busy right now?"

"No, I just finished. What's up?" From his voice, it was clear that he was tired.

"Umm, here's the thing. I want to borrow some money," Blair said with an awkward smile.

"No problem." Hartwell was as ready as ever. "How much do you need?"

"$300, 000."

"$300, 000? What's wrong? Is everything okay?" Hartwell felt worried for her.

"No, no. I'm fine. I'm just in urgent need of the money. It's fine if you don't have it right now. I understand." She wasn't going to tell Hartwell that she needed to pay it back to Wesley. He would only get angry.

Hartwell didn't want her to get involved with Wesley. She hadn't even told Hartwell that she had been living in Niles' apartment for a while now.

"Don't worry. I've got you covered. I'll ask Joslyn to wire it to you tomorrow."

"Thanks a lot, Hartwell. Hey, you need to go to bed early. Good night."

"Good night."

Just at that moment, Wesley came into view. Blair heaved a sigh of relief since Hartwell had promised to lend her the money without asking too many questions and before Wesley had come down.

She could now pay Wesley back as soon as she got the money. As for Hartwell, she could take her time to repay him.

When Wesley got into the driver's seat, he saw that Blair was still busy playing on her phone. Sure that she wouldn't talk to him anyway, he kept silent and started the car.

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