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   Chapter 591 I Won't Come Over Again

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Blair raised her fists and beat Wesley's chest repeatedly. He didn't stop her, nor was he angry. He just sat there and let her.

This reaction from him only made Blair angrier. When she hit him, she was expecting him to get angry or throw her out of the car.

But he didn't.

He didn't love her, but he always acted as if he cared about her. It burned her up. So she kept hitting him.

After a while, Blair finally grew tired and dropped her hands. His chest was as hard as stone that her hands ached. 'Maybe pinching him would've worked better than hitting him, ' she thought.

"You don't need to drive me back. I'll go back home on my own," Blair said angrily. Not only had Wesley planned to invite Megan along for dinner, but he also tried to pair Blair off with his own brother. 'I might have been too submissive. That's why he's keen on treading on my feelings willy-nilly. What a jerk!'

Ignoring Wesley's dissuasion, Blair unfastened her seatbelt, opened the passenger door, and jumped out of the car.

Wesley immediately ran after her. They were in the suburbs, and although there were many cars, almost all of them were private cars. It would be extremely hard for her to hail a taxi. "Don't be so stubborn. Let me drive you home," he offered.

Blair gave him a scowl. "No, thank you. I'll move out of Niles' apartment tomorrow. Let's just stay out of each other's business from now on. I swear I won't love you anymore. If I break my promise, I'll be a cheating dog."

Wesley's face darkened. He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to his car.

Blair tried to break free, but her body wouldn't budge. Wesley pressed her against his car and tried to calm himself down. In the calmest voice that he could muster, he explained, "I was doing that for your own good. Niles is a doctor. His job is less dangerous than mine, and he is highly paid. What's more, he would be able to keep you company every day." Wesley's career, on the other hand, was full of danger. Blair would be living in constant fear and worry if they were together. He was always out in the field or carrying out classified missions from time to time, which meant that she had to stay alone most of the time. She would never feel secure with him.

Although Wesley's voice was calm, his grip had gotten tighter and Blair could not bear it anymore. "Wesley Li! No one is crueler than you! Only you will be willing to pair the girl who loves you off with your brother!" Her voice shook and the te

me over in the future, if that's what you want," he said.

"No, thanks. This is your brother's apartment. I should be the one leaving. This is my choice." Blair returned to packing the rest of her belongings.

Wesley could only watch helplessly as she stuffed her clothes into her suitcase.

Blair then went to the bathroom to fetch her toiletries. Wesley took this opportunity to pull out a shopping bag from his pocket and stashed it under the clothes in her suitcase.

When Blair walked out of the bathroom, she did not find Wesley in the bedroom. She wondered if he had already left, but then she heard him talking on the phone in the living room.

She zipped her suitcase up and walked out of the bedroom. "I'm sorry, but I don't have time to clean the apartment. Mr. Li, would you be kind and hire some cleaning staff to clean the apartment for me. Thank you!" He almost winced at her extremely civil tone.

She then walked towards the door to the apartment with her suitcase. Wesley wore a rigid expression as he followed after her.

When Blair heard Wesley close the door behind him, her heart sank to her stomach. 'He didn't even try to make me stay, ' she thought, somewhat disappointed.

"Let me help you," Wesley said and grabbed the suitcase from her. She didn't turn him down and followed after him wordlessly as they walked to his car.

Wesley put her suitcase inside the trunk. Blair then said, "Drop me off at the Angel's Love Welfare Center on Queen's Road. Thank you."

Wesley didn't respond. Blair was sure he heard her, so she didn't repeat it.

They got inside the car and drove off as the sky began to get darker.

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