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   Chapter 590 You Can Date My Brother

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Wesley took the bottle of perfume and walked away from the checkout counter. After he left, the woman turned around and glared at her boyfriend. "We break up! I want a handsome and generous soldier to be my husband too!" she shouted.

Meanwhile, Blair and Cecelia had been looking for Wesley. They were just about to call him when he finally came into sight.

Cecelia asked, "Where have you been? We thought you lost your way or something!"

"I didn't. Let's go now." Wesley shrugged, not planning to offer an explanation.

Blair narrowed her eyes at Wesley, growing suspicious and a little confused with his behavior. She wondered if he had been smoking in a corner somewhere.

Wesley chose not to acknowledge Blair's suspicious gaze and continued to walk towards a phone store and walked inside. The two ladies exchanged confused glances and eventually followed him inside the store. Wesley browsed the store's glass racks and picked out a rather expensive phone for Blair. She was about to decline his choice, but Wesley stopped her before she could protest, saying, "I broke your phone. It's the least I could do."

Holding the brand new phone in her hand, Blair discreetly pinched his arm so Cecelia would not notice, and hissed in his ear, "What are you doing? You idiot. This phone you bought me is worth almost ten times of my old one. I don't even dare to take out my new phone when I'm on the streets. I'm afraid of being robbed." More importantly, Blair knew that the phone Wesley was currently using was much cheaper than the one he just bought. The screen even had a crack on it, but he refused to have it repaired or buy a new one. Blair did not find it reasonable that he bought her such an expensive phone.

"If you get robbed, tell me immediately. I'll help you track the robber down and get your phone back," he said confidently as if it was just a piece of cake for him.

Blair sighed inwardly. She was getting the feeling that Wesley was trying to overindulge her.

The three of them had lunch at a Western restaurant at noon, and then went back to Niles' apartment in the afternoon. While Cecelia took her afternoon nap, Blair busied herself with making some desserts in the kitchen.

Wesley offered to help, but Blair rejected it. He had no choice but to sit in the living room and watch her go back and forth in the kitchen.

Two hours later, Blair was done with the cooking.

She divided the desserts into two portions, one for Wesley and the other for Cecelia, so she could eat on her plane ride.

She neatly packed the dishes into two separate bags. She called out to Wesley to inform him. "This bag is for you. Inside is a box of mooncakes and mung bean cakes. There's also a cup of strawberry milkshake. Rest assured, it's a new cup. This bag"—she patted the other bag—"is for your mom. I didn't pre

what that had to do with her question. She stared at Wesley's resolute face, which she couldn't deny was an attractive look for her.

"Niles may be a little immature at times, but he's around the same age as you. Maybe it would really be better if you go out with my brother. He's a doctor and he has my parents' support. Even if he doesn't work hard to earn money, it won't affect the life quality of you two."

Wesley remembered the time when Blair was sent to the hospital because of a high fever, Niles asked him for his opinion on pursuing her. Wesley reckoned that Niles also had feelings for Blair.

He wouldn't be able to give her a bright and stable future, but his brother could. Being a doctor was not as dangerous as being a soldier. Niles would be a better choice for Blair.

It stung Blair's heart to hear his words. "And so?"

Wesley looked at her intently. "I've been thinking that you'd be better off with Niles. My mom likes you, so maybe you can date my brother."

Blair didn't know whether she should cry or laugh. She wondered how she fell in love with such an idiot. 'My mom likes you...You can date with my brother...' She curled her lips in exasperation, repeating his words in her mind.

She suppressed the anger and bitterness, and said, "If I become your sister-in-law one day, what will you think about your behavior now? You've kissed your future sister-in-law. Do I need to confess to Niles that you've hugged and kissed me, his 'wife?'" 'Not to mention that you've even explored my body.'

Wesley's face darkened. "That kind of thing won't happen again in the future," he assured her.

Blair raised a fist and hit him in the shoulder as hard as she could. "Who do you think you are? Do you think I can't leave you on my own accord? Why do I have to listen to you and tell me who I should date?" she shouted as hot angry tears welled up in her eyes.

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