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   Chapter 589 Cheated By Niles

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Keith was stunned for a moment when he heard Niles promise so quickly.

He was suspicious. Although the Li family always kicked him around, Niles was actually a very cunning guy. The boy's voice sounded a little sad, but Keith could see right through him. He didn't sound sad enough. Nonetheless, he replied, "Well, I'm glad you like your brother so much."

Niles had an idea. After a pause, he said, "I'm still sad, Grandpa. Could you try and be more upbeat? Okay, never mind. You're not good at that. So if I give up Blair, what's in it for me?"

It seemed that the young man had figured out exactly what he wanted. "What do you want?" Keith asked outright.

"How about a new apartment? I'll feel much better," Niles suggested. He could make a fortune by conning his grandpa.

"A new apartment? Why? Didn't your mom buy you one already?"

"Yeah, but Blair is living there now. Since I've decided to back off and let Wesley have Blair, I can't live with her. That's not appropriate. She has no parents. I'm not going to kick her out, either," Niles said, pretending to be virtuous and upstanding.

"Okay! Deal!" the old man announced. The poor grandfather was completely taken in by his grandson. Eventually, he would find out Blair had always loved Wesley, and that Niles had never dated her.

After hanging up the phone, Niles felt like he was on cloud nine. His gloomy mood, caused by Cecelia's tongue-lashing, vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, in the Shining International Plaza, Cecelia, Wesley and Blair moved on to a new store. Now they were shopping for shoes. They had no idea that Niles lied to the old man. Sitting on the sofa, Blair tugged at the hem of Wesley's shirt and said, "Don't let your mom buy anything for me again. I'm not dating you or Niles. Tell her. Don't spend money on me."

Wesley replied indifferently, "She's rich."

Blair was speechless. That was not the point.

Cecelia asked a saleslady to show a pair of shoes to Blair. "Blair, try these on. They look good."

Blair didn't budge. "Aunt Cecelia, I've tried on three pairs. I think it's your turn."

"That's not for women my age. It's for young girls. Besides, the pink matches the last outfit you tried on."

Blair found it hard t

that Blair had tried on just now, and told the saleslady, "This shade, please bring me a fresh one and I'll pay for them together."

"Yes, sir. Please wait a minute."

After checking out, Wesley took out the Mocha lipstick shade and put it in his pocket, then put Cecelia's lipsticks in the shopping bag. He then picked up his pace to catch up with the two women.

But when he walked past a counter, he happened to hear a conversation between a woman and her boyfriend. The woman requested, "Honey, buy me this bottle of perfume. Every woman loves this brand."

Her boyfriend said impatiently, "Look at the price. It's a small bottle that costs a few thousand dollars. Find another brand."

Wesley caught a glimpse of the perfume bottle that the woman was holding. He stopped and turned around.

He rearranged the shopping bags so he held them all in one hand. A saleslady with a huge smile on her face came over and greeted him. "Please bring me a bottle of this perfume," he said while pointing to a perfume brand. It was the same one the man was unwilling to buy for his girlfriend.

The saleslady nodded happily, "Yes, sir. Which fragrance would you like?"

'Which fragrance?' Wesley felt baffled. Women's items were so complicated to him. He paused and then said, "I'd prefer a light fragrance." 'Strong perfume doesn't suit her, ' he thought.

The woman, who was badgering her boyfriend to buy the perfume, watched Wesley pay the bill. Her eyes glimmered with admiration.

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