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   Chapter 588 Leave Blair To Your Brother

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When Wesley didn't say anything, Blair asked, "That bad, huh?"

Wesley merely stared at Blair, lost in some wild thought. Cecelia kicked the dazed man and scolded, "What's wrong with you? Say something."

Snapping out of his reverie back into reality, the soldier shot to his feet and told the saleslady, "Please pack everything she tried on, including what she's wearing."

Blair was shocked by his generosity. Cecelia was stunned too. 'What does he mean by doing this?' she thought.

Ignoring the two women's surprised gazes, Wesley made his way to the checkout counter. Blair returned to the fitting room to stop the saleslady from packing anything up. "I'm sorry. Please wait a moment."

The saleslady said confusedly, "Miss, the gentleman said he would pay for everything."

"I know, but... Please just put them here. I want to change back first."

The saleslady was puzzled. Nonetheless, she nodded and left the fitting room. Blair closed the door and changed, wondering what was going on in Wesley's head.

'Is he getting impatient?' That was the only reason she could figure out. After all, she had spent half an hour in trying on six sets of clothes and Cecelia had kept asking his opinion on every outfit. Men got impatient easily.

After putting on her own outfit, Blair came out of the fitting room, holding six sets of new clothes in her hands. Cecelia and Wesley were waiting for her at the front counter.

With a happy grin, Cecelia said excitedly, "Over here, Blair. Wesley will pay, and Niles can reimburse him."

'Niles can reimburse him?' Blair then got what she meant. Cecelia still thought she was Niles' girlfriend.

Blair gave the clothes to the saleslady and went over to hold Cecelia's arm. "Thanks, but I have enough clothes at home. When I got my first job, my friend went shopping with me and I bought a lot..."

"But you bought those. These are from me... Um...from Niles. What's more, these are the latest styles. You know, you can't have too ma

m busy. Busy getting my ass chewed by my mom. Busy keeping my anger in check." That was true. He was indeed feeling angry and gloomy.

Keith cut to the chase. "Leave Blair to your brother. I'll make it up to you some other way." After some careful analysis, the old man was certain that Wesley had feelings for Blair.

Niles was lively and outgoing. His EQ was higher than his brother's. If the two brothers fell in love with the same girl, Wesley would lose.

It wasn't easy for Wesley to have a thing for someone, but now Niles took Blair away from him. Keith felt sad for his elder grandson.

'Make it up to me?' Niles' eyes lit up. 'Leave Blair to my brother? Of course no problem. I'm not her boyfriend in the first place.' However, he pretended to be sad and retorted, "I get what you mean. But... That's not fair. I don't have a girlfriend either. I..." He deliberately paused with a sob.

Keith sighed helplessly. "I know how you feel. I know it's not fair. But Niles, you know your brother. He's an idiot about love. I tried to set him up, but his bad temper frightened his dates away..." The old man let out a heavy sigh again.

Niles played along and replied in a sorrowful voice, "Yeah, Grandpa, I know my brother. Fine, if he loves Blair too, then I'll give up on her. After all, I only have one brother."

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