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   Chapter 587 It Slipped Off My Hand

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Although Hartwell deeply appreciated Wesley's abilities, which he had witnessed in the military, he disliked Blair getting too close to him. He had sternly warned the girl to stay away from Wesley once. That was particularly why Blair didn't want Joslyn to tell Hartwell anything. If he found out about the two of them, there was going to be too much fuss for her to deal with.

Joslyn wrote back, "Alright, got it. Just use the money. It's from your cousin, so you don't owe me anything. If I am short of anything, he'll give me more. You worry about yourself."

Blair sent a thumbs-up emoji and replied, "Wow! You lucky girl! I envy you so much. Don't show off to me so early in the early, huh?"

"Who are you texting?" A man's voice suddenly cut in her ears and it was so loud that she almost jumped. Startled, her hand shook violently for a moment and the phone slipped off, dropping right into the half-finished bowl of soybean milk.

Wesley hadn't expected this to happen. He quickly shot to his feet and rushed towards the bowl, snatching her phone out of the bowl with one hand, and pulling a tissue with his other hand. He began to wipe her phone, whose screen was still functional.

Accidentally, his eyes fell on the transfer record on the chat log. Joslyn had just transferred fifty thousand dollars to Blair.

He knew it was wrong to peek at other people's chat logs. But it was Blair's phone and he felt overwhelmed by the urge to know more about her. Besides, who wasn't going to be curious after seeing a transfer log of fifty grand?

He stole a glance at Blair. She was pulling some more tissues. Silently and quickly, pretending to wipe the phone, he scrolled up and down the chat log, fast reading her messages with Joslyn. Before she could shift her eyes back to her phone, Wesley already had a general idea of what was going on.

Cecelia was talking with Baldwin over the phone at that moment. When she saw that Blair's phone was completely soaked in the soybean milk, she comforted the girl, "Don't be upset, Blair. Your phone is old. I'll buy you a new one soon." She had already noticed the previous night that Blair's phone was an old model worth only about a hundred dollars.

Blair shook her head. "Aunt, don't bother. It's still functional. I am not that interested in phones and I'll buy a new one when it really stops working."

Her words caught Wesley's attention. He had just witnessed another side of Blair. According to what he could read from the chat log, she was going to buy Cecelia a gift using the money Joslyn had transferred. Fifty thousand dollars was a large amount for Blair. However, she wasn't even going to buy a new phone for herself. Even if she were to spend a thousand dollars on Cecelia, she could easily have afforded to buy a good phone for her own self. But she didn't want to!

'She's so generous to my mom but mean to herself. What a strange girl, ' Wesley thought to himself.

"Why not buy a new one today? Do you like this phone very much? How long ha


Called out specifically, Wesley raised his head to look at Blair again. "Good," he nodded. Then his attention was on his phone again.

'That's so perfunctory, ' Blair thought unhappily.

She changed into the second dress. It was a long, black dress with a knot on the shoulder that looked like a cute bow. She thought that it was quite fashionable but Wesley had the same, tacit response.

Cecelia asked her son again, "Wesley, what do you think?"

He again gave Blair a quick glance and repeated, "It's nice."

Then Blair tried on three more sets. Each time Cecelia asked Wesley's opinion and the man gave the same answer—"good."

Finally, when it came to the sixth dress, Cecelia couldn't help but get irritated. She complained in a slightly angry tone, "Hey, what the hell are you doing? Is your phone that attractive to you? Pay attention and give an honest response, will you?"

Wesley put down his phone and stared at Blair, with an innocent look in his eyes. He didn't mean to make a casual comment. He did think that Blair looked good in each of these dresses. The only problem was that Blair was too thin. She would look so much prettier if she could put on just a little weight.

At that moment, Blair was wearing a short, pink-colored jacket and with a matching skirt. She looked sweet in this outfit.

Suddenly, Wesley remembered the night when they were out of electricity in Hillside Apartments. Blair was changing her clothes in her bedroom. She had gotten scared by the shadow that the light show outside her balcony was casting. The shadow was quite similar to a human and she had thought that it was really an intruder outside her window. Hearing her shriek, Wesley had broken into her bedroom at once and accidentally saw a little of her body.

As the memory of that night flooded his mind, the look in his eyes began to change. Blair noticed his eyes again and felt embarrassed by the way he was looking at her. "Do I look that bad?" she asked uneasily.

He said nothing.

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