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   Chapter 585 Chief Has Discovered Us

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"A lot of people said that. Everyone doubted our chief's sexual preference after he turned down Blair's proposal. We all thought he was gay. But, look at what the man's doing now? Tsk, tsk, the girl's scared by his passionate kiss," one of the men remarked, smiling mischievously.

"The girl he's embracing right now is Blair, for your information. She was trapped by the flash floods which came in South Mountain. You know, our chief rushed to save her himself."

"Hey I heard that story too. They said that our chief risked his life and jumped into the rushing river current to rescue a woman. Once he had carried the woman to a safe place, he himself was washed away by the flood. So was the woman Blair too?"

"What's our chief thinking? He loves Blair. We all can see that. But she had proposed to him once in a high-profile manner, and he said no at that time. Why? You know, if I were Blair, I wouldn't even give him a single glance now, not to say let him kiss me."

"You only say that because you have no idea how much Blair loves our chief."

"Tsk, tsk, listen to you! Do you think you are an expert at love?"

Lenard touched his chin and concluded amidst their fervent discussions, "Our chief is the typical breed of man: aloof on the outside, but soft as a squishy brain on the inside."

This group of gossiping men were Wesley's subordinates. They had come there to find Wesley and ask him to join a get-together. They hadn't expected to witness such a romantic and thrilling scene.

Wesley treated them like good friends in private, so they all knew everything about Wesley's estates in Y City, including this apartment. They also knew that it belonged to his brother.

Before Wesley had left the platoon, he had told his men that his family had come, and he was going to go to his brother's apartment that night. That was why Lenard and the other soldiers had come to this apartment to wait for him to show up.

They thought that they'd hidden themselves well and wouldn't be found easily. But suddenly, Wesley opened his eyes and let go of the woman in his arms. He tilted his head to look in a direction, a dangerous look in his eyes. In the dark, Talbot felt like Wesley's eyes were staring right at him, merciless and cruel. If he were to take them as robbers, god help them!

He held his breath and hissed to the others, "Don't move. Chief has discovered us!"

"Normally, our leader should've discovered us the moment he stepped out of the car, but he's a few minutes late this time. Seems like he's overly tempted by the beautiful girl," a soldier whispered in a husky voice.

When Blair finally opened her eyes, she saw Wesley staring in some direction. She followed his gaze and f

d child." She sighed, "He saw how much I had to suffer to give birth. I told him many times I wanted a daughter, because daughters are always warm and considerate.

Then he told me that I would have two warm and considerate daughters-in-law in the future, so why do I have to give birth to a daughter and suffer pain myself?"

After a pause, she looked at Blair and continued, "You know, there are always problems between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. I'm worried that the young aren't usually willing to live with the elders, or we may have difficulties communicating with the young."

Blair nodded in understanding. Indeed, the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law could be sensitive sometimes. It was social phenomenon that occurred more than often. "But you're a nice person. I think you'll surely get along with your future daughter-in-law. There won't be a problem in your case," she comforted the anxious mother.

On hearing her words, Cecelia was thrilled. She turned her body around and looked at Blair. "You said the same things as my husband. He always says that my personality is like a child. I'm good with people, so I won't have problems getting along with anyone. If I treat my daughter-in-law like my own daughter, she will surely treat me as a real mother. Blair, is that what you think too?"

Blair suddenly felt baffled. Why was she asking her that? She wondered if she should take this opportunity to explain her relationship with Niles. But then she decided against it. She'd better off finding a more suitable opportunity to tell the happy mother. If Cecelia knew the truth now, she might end up having a sleepless night. So she nodded, "Yes, I think so too. People should have mutual respect towards each other. Heart to heart, that's the basic rule."

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