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   Chapter 584 She Felt Warm Inside

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However, there was one thing in particular that hit on Blair only when the topic was brought up. It suddenly dawned on her that whenever she was close to Wesley, she would easily get injured or sick. However, when Wesley wasn't by her side, her physical health remained beyond very good. She couldn't understand why.

Together, they made their way towards the exit of the supermarket. A worker was standing there, checking the purchase receipts before letting anyone exit with a shopping bag. Wesley's hands were full, so he had to ask Blair, "Get the receipt from my pocket."

"Okay..." Without thinking much, Blair walked up to him and reached her hand inside his coat-pocket. It seemed like the most logical place to start.

Wesley lowered his head to look at her with a sidelong glance. "No, it's inside the pocket of my trousers."

"Oh." Blair then moved her hand down and put it into one of the pockets of his trousers. While she was groping around for the receipt, she could clearly feel his hard muscle through the thin clothing.

Both of their facial expressions changed subtly. "Not this side. The other one," Wesley said in a low voice, sounding a little hoarse and trying to ignore the soft hand roaming around his pockets.

"Oh well... Got it." 'The wrong pocket again?' Blair pursed her lips. 'What is going on with you, Blair?' she scolded herself inwardly.

She then moved to the other side and carefully reached her hand inside the pocket again. She felt a wad of cash. To avoid more trouble, she drew them all out of his pocket and finally saw the receipt embedded within the hurried roll.

She withdrew the long, white piece of paper and put the money back into his pocket.

Without turning her head around, she walked straight to the worker standing at the exit. She felt embarrassed to make eye contact with him. She tried to comfort herself by saying that it was inevitable and anyone would be if they touched someone's hard muscle.

The rain hadn't stopped yet. Blair took the umbrella and tried to hold it for the two of them.

But Wesley was too tall for her to reach. Even with her arm lifted vertically straight, the umbrella was touching his hairs.

Wesley gathered all the shopping bags in his right hand and grabbed the umbrella from her in his left hand, holding it up for the two of them.

The heavy weight on his right hand made the blue veins in his right arm pop out. Blair saw that and she couldn't take it anymore. She reached out for the lighter bag that she had held a few moments before. "Let me carry this one. I can hold it. It's difficult for you to hold the umbrella this way," she told him with concern in her voice.

However, instead of listening to her, Wesley gave the umbrella back to her and walked into the rain strai

p breath to adjust his breathing. After he felt a little better, he pulled his buzzing phone out. "Mom."

"Why haven't you two come back yet? It's raining outside. Did you take an umbrella?" Cecelia had only found out it was raining when she had gone out to hang some clothes in the balcony.

Closing his eyes, he leaned against the seat and told her, "Yes, we did. We'll be back in a few minutes." He breathed in Blair's fragrance floating in the air as he spoke.

"Okay. Be careful. Drive Blair back before you leave since it's raining now," Cecelia demanded. She didn't know her phone call had interrupted her son's intimate, romantic moment.

"Will do."

After ending the call, Wesley fired up the engine and drove away. They both kept silent on their way back. Both of them were half filled with desire and half with confusion.

By the time they arrived at the apartment complex, the rain had already stopped. As usual, Wesley would not let Blair exit on her own and carried her out of his huge car. Affected by the kiss earlier, he didn't let go of her even after putting her to her feet. With his arms wrapped around her waist, he whispered softly, "Don't go out with Niles. You two aren't meant for each other."

Blair was rendered speechless. When had she even said that she would date Niles? And why did Wesley care about this? She deliberately provoked him, "Niles and I aren't meant for each other? So does that mean if I find a suitable man, I can go out with him?"

Wesley answered her with a deeper and more imperious kiss this time. Blair felt uncomfortable so she kept stepping backwards. However, even after her back was pressed against the car door, he still didn't let go of her.

Meanwhile, some distance away from the romantic pair, a group of men were whispering to each other. "Wow! Who said that our chief loves men?"

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