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   Chapter 581 Thank You, Brother

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"Son, come here! Look who I am with!" Cecelia adjusted her phone and aimed the camera at Blair, who seemed to have something to say but didn't know how to do so. Right at that moment, Wesley walked out of the bathroom.

Niles didn't show up in the video until two seconds later when he turned on the light. "Hello, Mom. Oh, you're with Blair and Wesley."

"Right. It would have been so great if you were here too. But it's okay, dear. You focus on your studies, and I'll take care of Blair for you. Look at the dishes I had a chef prepare. They look yummy, don't they?"

As Cecelia and Niles began an animated discussion, Wesley sat opposite Blair and grabbed a bowl to ladle some soup.

Seeing that, Blair had an idea. She stood up and snatched the bowl away from him. "I'll do it for you," she uttered gallantly.

Cecelia was surprised to see this helpful effort. Wesley glanced at his mom, but didn't turn Blair down.

Afraid that Niles would get jealous on this sight, Cecelia covered the phone camera and scolded her older son, "Wesley, why did you ask Blair to ladle soup for you? Use your own hands!"

Actually, Niles had already seen what Blair was doing.

Finding it interesting, he asked deliberately, "Mom, is Blair ladling soup for my brother?"

Cecelia felt that the situation was getting awkward. She removed her hand from the camera and told him, "Yes, but she ladled soup for me too. She is really a thoughtful girl."

Niles couldn't understand why his mom was saying that, and Blair herself was left speechless. Wesley kept on eating, as if what was going on didn't concern him at all.

Blair kicked him under the table. He paused and looked up at her.

When she saw that Cecelia wasn't paying attention to them, Blair mouthed to Wesley, "Explain."

She had tried to clarify her relationship with Niles to Cecelia, but it had only caused more misunderstanding.

Wesley was puzzled. 'Explain what? She hasn't explained why she is suddenly with Niles. Now she wants an explanation from me?'

Cecelia turned her head and caught sight of Wesley's attentive gaze which was directed at Blair. She pointed the camera at the dishes and slapped him on the shoulder, hard enough to sting but soft enough for the camera to avoid getting shaken.

He looked at hi

o her apartment to cook.

Besides the resemblance in appearance, Blair now could see another piece of proof that Cecelia and Wesley were mother and son— their bad cutting skills.

"Eat fast and then go to sleep early. I am going shopping tomorrow and I would like you to come with me. I want to buy some shoes and clothes for Blair, and I need your opinion," Cecelia told Wesley.

"I hate shopping," Wesley declared. 'Going shopping with two women. That doesn't sound fun, ' he thought.

Cecelia rolled her eyes at him. "I wouldn't have asked you to tag along if Niles were here. Since he's not here, it falls on you to take care of us."

Blair screamed inwardly, 'Aunt Cecelia, can you just listen to me? I'm not Niles' girlfriend, and Wesley is not going to be my brother-in-law.'

But she could only look at Wesley expectantly, still hoping that he could explain things to Cecelia. Wesley looked at Blair and then shifted his gaze towards her belly. 'She is pregnant. She does need extra care, ' he thought. "All right. I'll go with you," he agreed with a nod.

Cecelia didn't notice the shift of Wesley's gaze, but Blair did.

She squeezed the chopsticks hard, trying to refrain herself from punching him. Then she told Wesley with a sarcastic smile, "Thank you, Brother."

Wesley sensed the hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Cecelia was happy to hear that. "Now, that is good. I knew you were only being shy just now. We'll be a family sooner or later, so from now on, just consider Wesley your brother."

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