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   Chapter 580 Your Sister-in-law Is Already Here

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Keith hung up as he mumbled those words. Cecelia put the receiver down too.

She stared blankly at the half-eaten apple. Baldwin was at work. Bored, she decided to find herself some company.

Then, she had a flash of inspiration. She wasted no time in booking a flight to Y City. It had been too long, and she wanted to see her boys.

Now that Niles had a "girlfriend," as the future "mother-in-law," Cecelia wanted to make sure they were a happy couple. Indeed, she thought it was her duty. So she was going to head over there to do all the motherly things that she was supposed to do.

Blair was kind of embarrassed, taking over Niles' apartment. It was his space, after all. She pondered whether she should move into the accommodations her company provided.

Her company was generous. She was paid just over $10, 000 a month, and benefits included a living space and meals. The company also provided unemployment, sick leave, and even a housing fund in case the company apartment wasn't to their liking.

She wanted to let Wesley know before she moved out, but for some reason, she couldn't reach him. Wesley had to come there sometime, so Blair decided to wait until he did.

However, before she saw Wesley, she had an unexpected guest.

That day, she came home late. She didn't have to worry about coming home to anyone, so she had opted for two hours of overtime. When she opened the door, the lights were on.

Someone sat leisurely on the couch in the living room. Blair was surprised to see who it was. "Aunt Cecelia?"

Cecelia was happy to hear her voice. She stood up and said, "Hey, you're back. Did you just get off work? You work too hard. Come and eat. Dinner's ready."

Cecelia never cooked. Instead, she found a chef to prepare the meal.

Blair followed her into the dining room to find that it was a big dinner, with several courses.


Blair looked at him. He nodded in greeting.

Cecelia walked over to him and held his hand. "We've been waiting for you. Niles is out of the country. You and I should take good care of Blair for him."

Blair's face was burning from embarrassment. "Why do you keep calling her my sister-in-law?" Wesley asked in confusion. 'Is she going out with Niles now?'

Cecelia nodded. "Because she is. Didn't you know? It's okay. You'll get used to it soon enough. Go wash your hands."

Blair shook her head vigorously towards Wesley. "Your mom doesn't get it."

She felt helpless.

Her reaction drew Cecelia's attention. She was going to get her phone. When she heard what Blair said, she paused. She glanced at Blair's red cheeks and seemed to understand. "Blair, don't be shy. We're all family here. I like you. You and Niles are good together. I'll call him right now and tell him what we're doing."

Wesley averted his eyes from Blair and walked into the bathroom.

Blair was desperate for a way to make Cecelia understand. "Aunt Cecelia, I'm not being shy. You don't get it. I live here, but I'm not Niles' girlfriend. We're just friends."

Cecelia patted Blair's hand. "Shh, I'm video chatting with Niles."

"Aunt Cecelia..."

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