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   Chapter 579 Meddlesome Grandpa

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 5972

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One night, Cecelia called Niles on his landline. She got through very quickly. "I called your brother, but he's not picking up. Since you're in town, could you go check on him?" she asked.

"Um... good evening, Mrs. Li," said a woman's voice on the other end.

Cecelia was confused. She checked the number. She dialed it right.

"Oh, that's right. You're... Blair?" Cecelia asked with uncertainty.

"Yes, Mrs. Li. It's me. I stay—" Blair was going to tell her why she was in Niles' apartment. She didn't want her to think it was a love nest or something.

But Cecelia interrupted her. She said excitedly, "Mrs. Li? Why so formal? Just call me 'Mom.' I didn't interrupt anything, did I?"

'Mom?' Blair was shocked, realizing Cecelia had really gotten it wrong. "No, I—" She wanted to explain that she and Niles weren't a couple.

"That's good. I'm just calling to check on you. Don't stay up too late. Tell Niles I'll be in town to see you when I can. Good night." Cecelia hung up before Blair could say a word.

Blair was left speechless. Cecelia jumped out of bed and rushed into the study where her husband was.

"Good news! Good news! We're going to be in-laws!" she exclaimed, beaming.

Baldwin took off his glasses and looked at her in bewilderment.

"What's going on?" "Blair and your son are living together!" She grinned from ear to ear.

"Really? Which son?"

"Niles, of course. He's smooth, unlike Wesley. That boy wouldn't know love if it bit him." Cecelia recalled the pic Niles sent her when he was in England. A selfie of him and Blair. They made a cute couple.

She had a sneaking suspicion Niles was there for pleasure, rather than business.

Just then, a figure with a cane made his way to the doorway. "Cecelia, are you sure?"

Cecelia turne

y. He seemed to have an answer for everything, and had to be right. "I'm too busy to go home. It'll have to wait. I need to get back to work, Grandpa. Take care of yourself. Bye."

"Hey! Don't hang up! I'm not done. Wesley!" Keith called anxiously.

"Dad, he hung up," Cecelia suddenly said. She was also on the line, which explained the click he heard earlier. Keith looked at the receiver. When he realized what was going on, he scolded, "Cecelia, you've been eavesdropping again!"

"Of course. Dad, I'm on your side. I was trying to help. Wesley needs to find a nice girl and settle down." Cecelia bit into an apple, still holding the phone, not embarrassed at all.

Keith snorted. "Help? Okay. You can start by bringing me the files of all the girls who want to marry into this family, so that I can set up introductions."

"There are too many of them. The list alone might take me two weeks or more. Why don't we think of something else?"

"You're just being lazy. Never mind. I'll ask my son." Cecelia, his daughter-in-law, was 50 years old, but still acted like a child sometimes. It was not a bad thing. She was happy. What was the point of living if you weren't happy?

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