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   Chapter 578 Love Nest

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Blair turned around and glared at Miller, who had a gloomy expression on his face. "You got into my phone?"

"Yeah," Miller admitted. "But I found out about you and Wesley by accident. You think I wouldn't? That's where you were wrong. When you really miss someone, your eyes will tell that story. The way you looked at him on the day you moved, that was love."

'So he knew all this time.' Blair smiled bitterly. Then she said calmly, "You're right. I love Wesley. But you know what? I was going to spend the rest of my life with you, because you were so good to me. Wesley doesn't love me. But you cheated on me. Hope you two are happy together."

She meant it. Wesley didn't care about romance. All he thought about was work. She gave up on him. She chose Miller out of desperation. But it wasn't fair to him. She didn't love him.

Even Miller could tell that she loved Wesley. She loved him so much it hurt. But so what? His heart never belonged to her. Blair's eyes misted up, her world was now seen through tears.

She knew Miller cared about her. She had even thought about getting their marriage licenses after she got hired on permanently. She was still on probation at work. However...

A teardrop fell on her suitcase. Miller was genuinely sorry. He walked over to her and gave her a back hug. "I'm sorry. I was wrong. Can we start over?"

Blair forced back tears. "No. I think we're past that point. Don't think I don't care, but I can't love you the way you want. Bye."

Suddenly, she saw no point in packing the rest of her things. Zipping her suitcase, she pushed Miller aside and walked out of the room.

Miller's companion was smoking on the sofa in the living room. The look on her face was calm, as if this happened all the time. Seeing Blair coming out of the bedroom with luggage, she said with a smile, "Sorry. Didn't know you'd be back this early. Guess we don't

when Niles was in town, he could stay at his brother's place.

Niles was unhappy to hear that. "Why should I? Megan's over a lot and I can't stand that bitch. And what's wrong with my apartment? Why can't I stay in my own place?" He was starting to get annoyed.

"I let Blair stay there," Wesley replied. Joslyn's family had moved into Blair's old apartment in Hillside Apartments a long time ago. Wesley couldn't leave her alone with him. It would be weird. So in the end he decided to let her live in Niles' apartment. Niles could crash at Wesley's place.

"That is so not cool. How could you use my place as your love nest? Does Mom know?" Before Wesley could respond, Niles' tone changed abruptly from glum to excited. "I'll tell her. She'd be so happy she'd put up the cash for another apartment."

Then he'd have two apartments before he even started work. That would be awesome!

'Love nest?' "It's only temporary. I'm helping her out. She's my friend."

"Oh..." Niles drawled.

Wesley hated it when he did that. "Back off!" Then he hung up.

Niles stared at his phone. 'Something I said?' But he didn't dare tell his mom about Wesley and Blair. If he did, Wesley might start using him for target practice.

Yet, Cecelia found out anyway.

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