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   Chapter 577 Breakup

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Blair had only asked for three days of leave. She should have been back to work now. Since her mobile phone was ruined in the constant downpour and flash flood, she hadn't been able to reach her superior to extend her leave. To her co-workers, she was a no-call no-show. She was worried she might get fired for it.

She had planned to thank Wesley in person with Miller after she recovered. But she didn't have a phone number yet, so the matter had to be put off for a little while. The message to Wesley was her old phone's last gasp before the screen went black and it refused to turn back on. Miller had gotten her a phone, but it was up to her to get everything transferred.

One day, Debbie and Megan had a huge fight. Fed up with Megan's whining, Wesley went to Carlos' manor, insisting Debbie go to the hospital and apologize to Megan. To his surprise, Debbie got upset. She refused to apologize to Megan, and even implied there was a reason he was single.

What baffled Wesley most was that she thought Blair was his girlfriend, and that she'd left him over Megan.

Of course, he realized Debbie didn't have a clue what was going on. But Wesley didn't owe her any explanations. She wasn't his girlfriend, so he didn't care what she thought.

Later, after he drove Debbie to the hospital, Carlos showed up too. Though Wesley had a reputation as a tough guy, the way Carlos spoiled Debbie made him jealous. Not paying much attention to where he was going, he ended up at a certain housing complex.

This was where Blair and her fiance lived. And she was pregnant.

Or so Megan had told him. The girl claimed that she met Blair at the airport; Blair had told the man with her she was pregnant.

Wesley brooded silently for a whole afternoon after he had heard the news.

He scrolled through the images on his phone and found a picture. It used to be a photo of Niles and Blair, but Wesley cropped his brother out of the picture, so right now, it was just a pic of Blair, smiling.

Niles had sent him that one.

Six months ago, Niles had planned a trip to England. When Cecelia heard of it, she insisted that Niles visit Blair after he got there.

Niles didn't want to. But after thinking about it, he decided it was not a bad idea

before Blair responded, Miller shouted, "She's here for work, dammit! Why don't you believe me?"

Blair glared at him in disbelief. 'He's the one who cheated. And now he's mad at me? Do I look like that kind of girl?' she thought angrily. "Who talks about work in the bedroom? The bed's not even made! Think I'm an idiot?"

This was the first time she'd screamed at him. By then, Miller had realized his mistake. He was not only a liar, but slow as well.

He lowered his voice and said, "Blair, let's talk."

"No need. We're done. Bye." Blair pulled the engagement ring from her finger and threw it at him. She stalked into her bedroom to pack her things.

Miller followed her into the room. Watching her pack, he got anxious. "It's not my fault. You wouldn't let me touch you."

He and Blair had been sleeping in separate rooms the whole time. Once, he got drunk and came back late. When he stumbled into her bedroom and tried to make love to her, Blair pushed him out.

Blair kept silent. There was nothing left to say.

"I know you like Wesley," Miller continued.

Blair was stunned. 'How does he know?'

The look on her face made him feel better. He continued through gritted teeth, "You were painfully obvious. You followed his Moments on WeChat and spent a lot of time checking his updates, even if he hardly posted one. What's up with that? You deleted all your chat history, except for his. Your wallpaper has a cartoon soldier on it. There's no wriggling out of this one."

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