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   Chapter 576 She Gave Up

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What was worse, the big tree that was used to fasten the rope was flushed away by the flood and drifted downstream.

"Wesley!" Blair yelled at the top of her lungs. If it weren't for several people dragging her back from the water's edge, she would have jumped into the water to follow him.

"Girl, don't worry. We'll save him." Two rescue workers tried to comfort Blair. Then they ran downstream along the banks while trying to raise other workers on their walkie-talkies.

Blair broke free from those people's grip and ran after the rescue workers barefoot.

Blair had never been in such a pitiful state before. Her hair was dripping wet, plastered to her head, and there were even leaves on her face and shoulders. Her clothes weren't in the best state, either. The harness had done nothing to enhance her appearance. Due to high fever, her face was as red as a tomato. Her lips were blue with cold. Splotches of mud marred her otherwise elegant beauty.

Her sneakers were gone, and she had minor cuts and grazes along her once-smooth feet. She looked much more like a homeless person than a young professional woman.

"Wesley!" Blair cried his name hysterically while running downstream, but Wesley was nowhere to be found.

Her head was splitting thanks to the high fever. Blair staggered. When two men caught up to her to steady her, her eyes dulled and she slumped to the ground.

'Wesley, please be safe!' This was her only wish before she lost consciousness.

By the time Blair woke up again, she was in the military hospital in Y City. She opened her eyes, and the first person she lay eyes on was Miller.

When he saw her open her eyes, Miller immediately pressed the nurse-call button. Soon, a doctor and several nurses hurried in and gave her a thorough check-up.

"How are you feeling now? Are you hurt anywhere?" the doctor asked.

Blair nodded. "I have a headache." She raised her hand and touched the bandage around her forehead.

"When you passed out, you bumped your head on a rock. Don't worry. There doesn't seem to be any lasting damage. An MRI confirmed no bruising or bleeding in your brain. We'll need to run some more tests to be sure. Is anything else hurting?" the doctor asked.

Blair shook her head slowly. They then looked at her pupils and conducted a few quick tests for reaction time and memory. They even gave her cognitive tests like reciting the

t for a long while before finally giving up. She decided to wait till Miller was back. She wanted to thank Wesley, but it could wait until she was fully recovered.

She dozed off again at around 1 a.m.

At 2 a.m., a man's figure appeared in Blair's ward quietly.

He squatted at her bedside and stared at her for a long time before reaching out his hand to touch her forehead. The soldier heaved a sigh of relief after confirming her fever was gone.

As far back as he could recall, she was a delicate girl who got ill or injured easily.

She once got burned and had a high fever. She had had heatstroke and passed out. This time, she blacked out and had a high fever once more. 'Had she really taken good care of herself when she was in England?

I hope her fiance will take good care of her now.'

Wesley left her ward quietly.

On the third day, Blair was discharged from the hospital. She coughed sometimes, but there was nothing else wrong.

Miller and Blair hailed a taxi to the housing estate they were living in. As soon as they got home, he gave her a new phone. "Your phone got wet and isn't working. I bought you a new one. Remember to get a new SIM card."

Blair's phone was bought by Wacian two years ago, which cost him nearly a thousand dollars. The phone Miller bought her was with a lesser-known and inferior brand, which was under $100.

Blair didn't turn him down. She took it over and said, "Thank you, Miller. I need to get some rest. Go to work. Really. I'm fine."

Miller left for his company. Blair went to her bedroom and sat on the bed, lost in thought.

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