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   Chapter 575 I'll Bring Her Back Safe And Sound

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7311

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Before Wesley left, Hartwell reminded him, "Be careful!"

Wesley nodded. "Don't worry. I'll bring her back safe and sound."

Staring at his retreating figure, Hartwell had mixed feelings about this. 'I know he cares for Blair a lot. Why does he keep pushing her away?'

After half an hour, Wesley's phone buzzed. He stopped to drink some water, and then fished his phone from his waterproof holster. It was a WeChat message from Blair.

A myriad of feelings welled up in Wesley when he read it. He didn't reply to the message, but instead picked up the pace.

On his way up the mountain, he met quite a few rescue workers and tourists, but Blair was not among them.

As time went by, the four people that had come with him descended the mountain once more, bringing some tourists they had saved with them. Still, Blair was nowhere to be found.

The rain was beginning to ease off, which made it a little easier.

When Wesley located Miller, the water was already chest-high. The rescue workers had to use flotation devices to continue their operation. Miller and his colleagues were stranded where the flow was sluggish. Therefore, two rescue workers were able to lead them to safety and wrap them in dry blankets.

Wesley scanned the crowd carefully, but Blair was not among them.

His heart started racing wildly and he couldn't help but blame Miller for not having taken good care of her.

Wesley moved forward cautiously, and to his surprise, he spotted two figures on a huge stone, blocked by a tree.

Judging from their slim figures, he could tell they were two girls. They were hugging each other to keep warm.

One of them was wearing a pink coat and leaning on the shoulder of the other girl. Wesley couldn't see her face clearly and was not sure if that was Blair.

Even though he had not seen her for a long time now, his heart told him she must be Blair.

Wesley scanned his surroundings. It wouldn't be easy to get to her. The current of the flood had developed whitecaps, pushing a mass of deadly debris with it. If the current didn't catch him, the debris would surely crush him, carrying his battered body away.

He called two rescue workers ove

pulled her into his arms, Blair felt this was the happiest moment of her life. She cradled his neck and buried her face in his arms. Her face and forehead were burning hot, which made him frown. 'She's got a high fever!' he thought.



"You're holding me so tight I can't breathe," she murmured.

Wesley loosened his grip a bit, but Blair still felt she couldn't breathe. "Wesley," she called out again.


"I thought I'd never see you ever again." Her teardrops fell on his chest. They were so hot his heart stung.

Wesley lowered his head and kissed her wet hair, his eyes full of affection. "Don't be afraid. I'm here. You're safe now."

"Hmm..." His embrace was the safest place for her.

The rain finally stopped, but it still wasn't safe. He rigged a second line with the help of the rescue workers on the other side. He set Blair up with a harness, and had the workers pull her along the line. Wesley followed. After what seemed like an eternity, Wesley finally reached the river bank. When they were both safely on the other side, he took Blair in his arms.

When people on the bank took Blair from Wesley, he tripped in the mud. He staggered and failed to steady himself, falling into the water.

People exclaimed and Blair turned her head to look at Wesley. She happened to see him being carried downriver before vanishing beneath the tide.

"Wesley!" Blair yelled hysterically, feeling devastated.

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