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   Chapter 574 I Regret Everything

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7163

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Blair was with the girl who shared the same room with her, a new employee of Miller's company.

The girl had an umbrella, but it was of no use in the rainstorm. The two ran helter-skelter along the trail, trying to find some kind of shelter they could stay dry under. But the same unhelpful trees, rocks, and root systems met them at every turn.

Eventually, they were out of luck. Even though they kept moving up the mountain, the flood still lapped at their ankles. They had to hold onto a huge tree branch hand in hand to prevent the flood from washing them away.

The girl could no longer hold back her tears. "It's so terrifying. I can't swim. Are we going to die? Why isn't there someone to save us?" she sobbed.

It was the first time that Blair had encountered a natural disaster like this. She was terrified as well. But she was still a little calmer than the girl. She encouraged her, "Hey, get a grip! Yesterday, I saw troops stationed near the South Mountain. Don't worry. They'll send out rescue teams. They have to build lost person profiles, ping our cellphones, figure out where we are, and set up search points to safely intercept us. It's just a matter of time before they find us. All we need to do now is stay alive."

"I...I know. But we can't even find shelter. Even if we're not washed away, pneumonia and hypothermia will do us in. Look at us—we're soaked to the bone." She held Blair's hands tighter. Their hands were cold as ice. They were starting to lose body temperature rapidly; color had drained from both their faces. Blair was on her period, and feeling weak. 'I probably didn't get enough water, ' she thought.

Blair was not the hardiest woman at the best of times. Now that her feet were soaked in the cold water, she felt her energy running low.

"Don't cry or talk. We need to save our energy. This mountain is full of stones, and the flood isn't strong enough to dislodge those. But we have to keep climbing." The two girls began to move up the mountain again.

The trail was so slippery they had to be extra cautious. Blair not only had to keep alert, but also had to take care of the girl. Th

over the intercom, "Sir, we're ready!"

"Good! Wesley, head to the South Mountain to save them now! There are approximately 103 people trapped at 914 meters. A rock-fall caused flash flooding at 1.524 km and has trapped some hikers and climbers. We've sent helicopter recon teams. You'll conduct ground ops. Make sure everyone is safe and sound."

Wesley saluted sharply. "Yes, sir!"

When Hartwell arrived at the South Mountain, Wesley and his men had begun working for more than ten minutes. Hartwell was in a suit and leather shoes. Apparently, he came as soon as he got Blair's news. He saw Wesley directing the operation and was relieved.

Wesley was giving his men orders when he saw Hartwell. He suddenly had a bad feeling.

Hartwell stood in a tent and looked at Wesley with a worried face. After a long time, he said, "Blair came back from abroad four days ago. Yesterday, she went hiking with her fiance for some work function. I think she's trapped in the mountain."

It was Adalson who told Hartwell that Blair came here. After the torrential floods broke out, Adalson and Hartwell repeatedly tried to get a hold of Blair, but couldn't get through. As a result, Hartwell rushed here from work, despite the heavy rain. He had driven almost a hundred miles.

Wesley's heart sank. Without hesitation, he gave his walkie-talkie to his companion. Then he changed his clothes and rushed into the driving rain.

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