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   Chapter 572 Back To Normal

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"Actually, I am perfect," Blair answered.

At this, Niles pretended to sneeze. It sounded suspiciously like "bullshit," however. Adalson cast a warning glance in his direction.

Wesley took his seat. Blair acted as if he weren't even there and continued talking with Niles.

The dinner didn't last long, as the party included two old men and they needed to go to bed early.

After the two families bade each other farewell, Blair got into the back seat of Adalson's car. Natalia, who sat in the passenger seat, turned to look at Blair and said, "Your fiance is a nice guy. I met him once randomly, and he did me a favor. In my opinion, a woman should find an ordinary husband and live a happy life."

Adalson cast a casual glance at his wife and asked, "What? Are you not living a happy life?"

Natalia snorted and said, "Now, sure. But don't know what it was like. Blair, believe me. Never marry a man like Wesley Li. I'm not saying that he's a bad guy. He's not. But imagine worrying about him when he's gone, and wondering if the next knock on the door would be his commanding officer notifying you he died a hero's death. If—"

"Natalia!" Adalson cut her off helplessly.

Natalia rolled her eyes at her husband. "What? I'm serious. Keith was trying to fix Blair up with Wesley this evening." Natalia then looked at Blair and continued, "Niles is probably your best choice here. He is the life of the party. Cheerful, attentive. He'll make you laugh every day. Wesley is clueless when it comes to matters of love. He hasn't got a romantic bone in his body. He's 100% devoted to the military. Marry him and you'll be sorry."

"But Wesley makes me feel safe and protected," Blair suddenly said.

'It seems that it's too late to warn her, ' Natalia thought.

When they passed the Hillside Apartments, Adalson parked the car near the entrance. "Remember your old apartment, Blair? Well, I left a contract there. Can you grab it for me? It's in the second drawer under the TV set."

"Didn't you terminate the lease?" Blair asked in confusion.

"I wanted to, but your cousin bought the apartment. He wants to move Joslyn's famil

ng Miller.

Everyone's life went back to normal.

When Wesley was 26 years old, he was fast-tracked to a higher official post in the army, and moved up in rank.

At Megan's 18th birthday party, he met a woman named Debbie Nian.

She and Blair looked nothing alike, but her personality reminded him of Blair.

Debbie said, "Nice to meet you, Officer Li. I'm Debbie Nian. I've practiced martial arts for years. I'd love to spar when you're free sometime."

He couldn't help but remember how Blair had greeted him before. "Nice to meet you, Officer Li. I'm your new neighbor. I may have to bug you later on."

The last time he saw her was before the Lunar New Year. It had been almost a year since that time. Eleven months, to be exact.

Carlos seemed to have found his true love. His eyes were full of affection when he looked at Debbie.

Debbie and Megan were always at each other's throats. Carlos valued his wife more, so he asked Wesley to keep Megan company.

At the Ji family's house, the subject of Blair came up again.

She had already come back from abroad and started her internship in some company. She was now living in her fiance's apartment, and they were about to get married soon.

Miller's company arranged a retreat at a mountain village, and every employee could bring a family member. Blair just returned from England three days ago. When Miller invited her to go with him, she didn't turn him down.

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