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   Chapter 569 I Know What I Saw

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Blair's voice gradually trailed off under Hartwell's sharp gaze. How could she tell a lie in front of her cousin? He was a man of power and influence, and young at that. Besides that, he was her family.

Indeed, Hartwell had figured it out, and saw into the young girl's heart. Joslyn had already told him Blair was heartbroken after being turned down by the man she loved. He had been wondering who it was. Imagine his surprise—it was Wesley!

Hartwell just thought Blair merely admired Wesley, just like any other girl worshiping a star. He never imagined her feelings for him were something more than that.

Now he finally pieced everything together. Wesley was a hot-blooded young man, ambitious, and driven. As far as love went, he was clueless, so it wasn't surprising that he turned Blair down.

"Got an explanation, Wesley?" Hartwell asked coldly.

Blair knew her cousin was trying to protect her. She ran up to him and took his arm. As she tried to pull him into the room, she said in a hushed voice, "Just let it go. I'm engaged now. Don't embarrass me, please?"

Hartwell silently turned his head to shoot Wesley a look before following Blair into the VIP room.

The room was filled with laughter. You could hear it all over the restaurant. After everyone came in, there were four young men there as well as the elders, and they were loud and noisy. The Li and Ji families got on quite well. Keith's and Gilbert's wives had passed away long ago. So including Blair, only three women were in the room.

As soon as Blair came into the room, Niles called out excitedly, "Hi Blair. I saved a seat for you." He stood up and gallantly pulled out the chair next to his own.

Blair couldn't turn him down. She glanced at Adalson and then walked around the table to Niles' side. She managed to keep her smile steady.

Wesley walked in just as she sat down.

The first thing he saw was Blair sitting next to Niles. Wesley was a little surprised and then heard Niles say, "Hey Wesley. Have a seat next to Mom."

'Have a seat next to Mom.' It sounded innocent, but he knew it was a trick from his younger brother. If he took the seat arranged by Niles, then he'd have C

and at her uncle as she patted her chest with her other hand. When she was able to breathe more easily, she apologized. "I'm okay. Sorry... Ugh..." She was cut off by another coughing fit.

Niles pulled out a few tissues and handed them to Blair. She took them and covered her mouth to stifle the coughs.

"Have some water," a voice said. She recognized the voice. She took the glass of water handed to her by the man on her right, and drank a mouthful.

Niles had told her a big secret about Wesley. She guessed Wesley heard nothing. If he had, he wouldn't have been so calm, handing her a glass of water.

After taking a few sips, Blair stopped coughing. Seeing this, Niles patted her back and said, "Hey, why are you so shocked? I was telling the truth." Cecelia saw how considerate Niles was in taking care of Blair. She believed even more that her younger son was in love now.

'She might be engaged, but she's not married yet. Anything is possible!' the mother thought happily.

Niles kept talking, and Blair couldn't help but drink two more mouthfuls of water to control her emotions.

She put the glass on the table and shot to her feet. "If you'll pardon me, I'll make my way to the little girl's room."

Keith nodded, "Was it something Niles said? I should show that young man some manners..."

Niles shook his head. "No, no. Grandpa, I didn't..."

"Shut up!" The old man's authoritative voice silenced the guilty man at once.

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