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   Chapter 568 Are You Friends With Niles

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Adalson furrowed his brows. "Don't you know Joslyn is spending time with her family? She asked your brother to pick her up tomorrow."

Hearing his father's words, Wacian was stunned. He didn't know that at all.

Cecelia instinctively took a glance at Wesley. Her oldest son held the pitcher, filling everyone's glass with water. He wore a poker face.

Compared to Wesley, Niles was friendly and excited, a huge smile on his face. "We should get her over here. I want to hear about England. Can you help me out, Uncle?" Of course, that was just an excuse.

He had an ulterior motive—to help his elder brother be happy.

Cecelia glared at her younger son. "You brat! I gave you lots of opportunities to study abroad, and you turned me down. Now you want to hear about it from someone else?"

"What are you up to, Niles?" Keith saw right through the young man.

Niles looked at his discerning grandfather. Scratching the back of his head, he looked down in embarrassment. "Um..." Yet, he didn't explain anything, but looked hopefully at Adalson, expecting an answer.

Adalson smiled joyfully and instructed Wacian to make the call. "Call Blair. Ask her to come here ASAP. Tell her not to keep her elders waiting."

"Sure, Dad," Wacian nodded and left the VIP room.

When Blair got Wacian's call, she stood in a line, waiting for her turn to order. She wanted some oden. The thought of a steaming bowl of crab cakes, tofu fritters, potatoes and radish floating in a dashi soup was making her mouth water. There were only three customers ahead of her now. She picked up the phone. "Blair, are you friends with Niles?" Wacian asked as soon as the call was connected.

"We met twice. Why?" she answered, craning her neck to look at the front of the line. She wasn't that focused on the conversation. She was set on scoring some oden.

"Nothing. We're all here at the restaurant. Everyone's waiting on you."

'Waiting on me?' she wondered, confused. "Didn't you tell Uncle Adalson that I'm not coming tonight?"

Wacian walked over to the window and lit a cigarette. "I told him. Dad said Joslyn wasn't due back until tomorrow. He specifically invited you. What's more, Niles wanted to hear about your time in England."

While he was talking on the phone, he noticed Wesley come out of the

hy did you say you don't know me?" 'Women are so unpredictable. They change at any time, ' he thought.

Blair kept stepping backwards until she could back up no more. A wall was in her way. She took a deep breath and said, "I loved you, but not anymore. Mr. Li, you think I'm still waiting for you? Think again. I'm engaged to a great guy. We'll get married after I graduate. Don't worry. I'll invite you to our wedding."

She smirked, eyes full of sarcasm. Her words got on his nerves. He felt he had to say something. "Really? You sell yourself cheap. You jumped into another man's arms a few days after I turned you down?"

"That's none of your business, Mr. Li. We're not lovers; we're not anything to each other. Stay away from me!" They were too close to each other now. Blair could have easily wrapped her arms around his waist if she wanted to.

The petite woman was cornered by a tall and strong man. It looked like he was bullying her.

"Wesley, what are you doing?" Hartwell's voice suddenly came from behind Wesley.

Blair's heart skipped a beat when she heard the voice. She pushed Wesley away, kept a distance from him and asked in panic, "Hartwell...why are you here?"

With his eyes staring at the calm Wesley, Hartwell took off his gloves and handed them to his assistant. "If I hadn't come at the right time, I would have missed this lovely scene. Think you can bully my cousin and get away with it?"

Blair hastily shook her head. "It's okay. Wesley just had a few questions to ask me... That's all..."

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