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   Chapter 567 Smart Grandfather

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Keith shifted his sharp and observant eyes between his two grandsons. He could sense they were hiding something. Squinting at them, he asked outright, "You know who she is?"

Niles shook his head, but on second thoughts, he nodded. "Not really, but Wesley does."

Wesley instantly cast him a warning glance. Niles flinched in fear and moved his eyes away, avoiding any eye contact with his brother.

"Okay, that answers my question." Keith slowed his pace as he was deep in thought. 'So Wesley likes her?' That was something new to the old man. From what he knew, Wesley never showed any interest in girls. Megan was the only girl around him.

Seeing his grandfather's contemplative face, Wesley had no choice but to remind him, "Don't read too much into that, Grandpa. She's engaged."

"Oh...yeah." Keith shook his head. "What a shame..."

'But wait. I noticed Wesley looking at her, and then looking away before their eyes could meet, ' the old man suddenly realized.

Wesley thought his family would drop it, so he sighed with relief. However, his grandfather suddenly questioned, "Do you like her? Did you try dating her? Or is it the other way round? She loved you but you turned her down?"

Wesley's heart skipped a beat. He felt like a secret was discovered out of the blue. Sometimes it wasn't a good thing to have a smart grandfather.

Wesley wanted to deny everything, but his grandfather added sternly, "Wesley, listen. Think it over before you answer. I've told you many times. An honest man is a good man. Don't lie to me."

Niles was trying his hardest to stifle his laughter. Nonetheless, still one or two laughs reached Wesley's ears. The officer glared at the young doctor. He would remember that. Then he turned to the old man again. "You've gotta be tired. That was a long flight. I'll explain it to you after you get some rest."

"Alright." Keith knew he shouldn't push Wesley too hard. Anyway, his grandson would have to confess everything to him sooner or later.

On the other hand, Blair had a hard time explaining herself to Wesley's mother. "Wesley...he... I've admired him for a long time. But that's all. It's nothing. Besides, I've got a fiance and we'll get married after I graduate."

Although Cecelia liked Blair, she knew she shouldn't press the issue, since Blair was already engaged. You shouldn't break up a couple. So she stopped asking about Wesley and Blair. Before they got in

If they had a girl, our two families could be joined by marriage. I was so happy to see Blair just now. But she's already engaged. Ugh! I'm sad." Leaning over Baldwin's shoulder, Cecelia put her hand on her chest to show her heartache.

Baldwin squeezed her hand and comforted, "Honey, take it easy. Hartwell's a few years older than Wesley, but he's not married yet, right? Young people think differently from us."

Cecelia sighed heavily. She finally dropped the issue. "What about our rooms tonight?"

"I'll sleep in my dorm, you all can stay in my apartment." Wesley knew his mother didn't like checking into a hotel room, so he had it all planned out. His apartment had three bedrooms, so it was enough for them.

"Okay." Cecelia nodded. She hated staying at a hotel. "But you don't need to head back to your dorm. You can share a room with Niles."

Wesley remembered how ugly Niles looked when he was asleep. A dash of disdain flashed in his eyes. He didn't like the idea. But anyway, he nodded in agreement since it was only for a few days.

When they reached the restaurant, Gilbert, Adalson and Natalia were already there.

The two families hadn't seen each other for a long time. They greeted and embraced each other enthusiastically. After a few warm pleasantries, they all settled down at a table in the VIP room.

Adalson's gaze swept over the guests. He asked Wacian, "Where's Blair?" His question attracted everyone's attention.

That was when Cecelia noticed Blair's absence.

Wacian explained, "We dropped her off halfway. She said she made plans with Joslyn and she'd head back later."

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