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   Chapter 566 I'm Engaged

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After ending the call with Adalson, Blair walked back to Wacian. Her cousin suggested at once, "Wesley's meeting his family here. Let's go say hi before leaving."

Blair was stunned for a moment. This was unexpected. 'Say hi to his family?'

Wacian then explained to her, "Wesley's grandfather and our grandfather are old buddies. And Wesley's father helped me out a lot when I studied in A Country. This is a rare chance. Let's wait a while longer, okay?" Wesley's grandfather—Keith Li, and Blair's maternal grandfather—Gilbert Ji, had been friends for decades. Wesley's father—Baldwin Li, and Adalson had been comrades-in-arms for ten-odd years too. So, the Li family and the Ji family were close. That was why Adalson paid so much attention to Wesley. But most importantly, Wesley was one of the army's finest. So, Adalson always thought highly of the young man and threw a lot of opportunities his way.

Blair nodded, "Okay."

The three of them then walked through the passage together. Wacian formally introduced the two to each other. "Wesley, this is my cousin—Blair Jing. She's studying in London, and just came back for the Spring Festival. Blair, this is Wesley Li, the finest soldier in your uncle Adalson's eyes. To be frank, I'm jealous. I think my father likes Wesley more than me!"

Blair was initially embarrassed with Wesley around. Now she laughed because of Wacian's joke. She tilted her head to look towards Wesley, who was also looking at her. "Hi," he said.

Blair nodded and said calmly, "I know him pretty well. He's a local legend. He saved me when my parents' house caught fire."

With the mention of her parents, the two men naturally fixed their eyes on the pathetic girl, but her face betrayed no emotions. Wacian looked at his cousin with compassion in his eyes. "Oh, I see. I thought you didn't know each other..." He quickly changed the topic and asked, "So, Wesley, your family here yet?"

Wesley glanced over the exit and replied, "They were at the baggage claim just now when I called. They should be coming out... Oh, look, there they are."

The Li family easily spotted Wesley since he was dressed in green camo fatigues, standing out from the crowd.

Wesley frowned. "My grandpa is here too," h

of them to Blair, so that this beautiful girl would be her daughter-in-law. But it was too late. She was engaged.

Cecelia Shi felt really gloomy. Her sons had no chance to pursue such a nice and beautiful girl.

Keith Li, the oldest man here, looked intently at Blair. He tried to place the girl's face in his mind. Suddenly, he blurted out something that shocked everyone there. "Aren't you the girl who slapped that crazy woman in the car accident. That was you, right?"

Blair's lips twitched. 'He's got a good memory for an old guy! What should I do now? Should I admit it or not?' she thought anxiously.

With the old man's reminder, Cecelia Shi observed Blair's face more carefully. "You look a lot like her! Blair, do you know Wesley? You stepped in and set that woman straight! You know what? I was grateful for that girl, and now I find out she's you!" Cecelia Shi then stuffed the bouquet of flowers to her husband's hands and held Blair's arms enthusiastically.

Ignoring all the other men, she led Blair to walk forward.

Blair didn't know what to do. She turned around to look at Wesley, signaling to him for help.

He made eye contact with her. But pretending not to notice her signal, he moved his eyes to his grandfather and began to explain what happened that day.

Snapping back to reality, Niles wanted to catch up to the two women walking ahead of him, but Wesley grabbed him by his collar and dragged him back.

"Hey, let go. I have something to ask Blair."

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