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   Chapter 565 The World Is Big

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Wesley hopped in his car after leaving the Ji family's house. But he didn't start the engine. He whipped his phone out and tapped on a WeChat dialog box. He scrolled down the chat log to find messages from six months ago. The last message was Blair asking him to book the flight ticket.

He then tapped on her WeChat Moments. He found a new post from yesterday. It was all in English. Wesley read it carefully. She wrote, "Someone says, if you dream of a person you haven't seen in a long time, then he's erasing you from his memory. Someone says, if you dream of the same person three times, it means that everything between you and that person is ending. I saw the guy in my dream. Did he forget me? And I dreamed of him three times. So it's over, right?"

He saw that Talbot left a comment a few minutes ago. "What do you mean?" he wrote.

Wesley sat in the driver's seat, patiently waiting for Blair's reply to Talbot's comment. A few minutes later, she replied in Chinese, "I meant I was sleepy. Time for bed."

Wesley sighed. He wanted to post a comment, but didn't know what to say.

Blair rarely updated her Moments. But compared to Wesley, who never posted anything, she was an active user.

After scrolling through her posts, Wesley locked his phone and rested his head on the steering wheel, deep in thought.

He hadn't seen Blair in over six months. However, he felt like the girl had sown a seed in his heart, and it began to sprout, blooming and growing minute by minute. Her kiss, the soft touch of her hand, and her incredible beauty in that wedding gown haunted his mind every day. He couldn't shake off these thoughts.

Her words always rang in the back of his mind. "I'm your new neighbor. I may have to bug you more..." "Will you stay with me and let your feelings for me grow..."

As soon as Wesley returned to his platoon, he went to the dormitory to find Talbot. At that time, there was a crowd of soldiers around Talbot, all staring at what was on his phone. They were so engrossed they didn't notice Wesley had come in.

They were gossiping. "I bet our leader's sitting in a corner somewhere, reading Blair's post."

"Probably. My brother told me one thing. He saw our leader's phone one time. He didn't lock it in time. Gues

didn't come to the airport for her.

Only Joslyn, Miller and her family knew that she was coming back that day. He couldn't have that info.

The next second, the man on the phone seemed to notice her too. However, he only looked at her for a couple seconds before his gaze fell on Wacian.

The two men had known each other before. Wacian knew Blair had a crush, but he didn't know it was Wesley. So he turned to look at Blair and said, "Hey, there's a buddy of mine. Let's go say hi. I'll introduce you."

The smile froze on her face. Embarrassed, she tried to comb her long hair with her hands, and nodded, "Okay."

While Wacian and Wesley shook hands, Blair's phone buzzed in her pocket. Before Wacian could introduce them, he saw the girl walk to one side, answering the call. 'Fine, forget it. Maybe next time, ' Wacian thought. He then shifted his attention to Wesley again. "My cousin just came back from abroad. Why are you here? Picking up or dropping off?"

Wesley was stealing glances at Blair out of the corner of his eye. Hearing Wacian's question, he focused on the conversation and nodded, "Picking up. My family's flying in from A Country. I've come to pick them up."

It wasn't easy for Wesley to get a vacation. His parents hadn't seen him for a year, so they couldn't wait anymore and flew out to Y City for a reunion.

"Oh really? Since I'm not in a hurry, I'll wait with you," Wacian said with a smile.

Wesley caught a glimpse of Blair's back. "Sounds good," he nodded.

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