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   Chapter 564 He Felt Lost

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'My fiance, my fiancee...' Wesley's face fell as he heard these words. But he said nothing and merely nodded his head.

After the small talk, Miller walked off, two suitcases on wheels and two bags on his back, and carefully escorted Blair into the elevator. Wesley stood and watched how Miller treated Blair. It was how marriage should be—nice and comfortable.

Before the elevator doors closed, the woman inside the elevator made eye contact with the man in the hallway, their eyes full of complicated emotions. But Miller didn't notice the silent exchange between the two.

The doors closed. Standing in the silent, empty corridor of the 16th floor, Wesley felt lost. Blair had left, and he felt a hole inside his body where his heart was supposed to be.

Miller wasn't rich. His house downtown was nothing compared to her space in Hillside Apartments. But Blair didn't mind. She moved all her belongings there and stayed in Miller's house.

The next day, Joslyn, Hartwell and Miller saw Blair off at the airport. They didn't leave the airport until they saw Blair pass through security smoothly.

When Miller was about to leave, Joslyn suddenly called out to him. "Mr. Hong, Blair's gonna be all alone in London. Her family set her up there, but new city, new people. It's rough. Please see her whenever you can."

Without hesitation, Miller nodded his head. "Sure. Thanks for hooking us up. Don't worry, I'll treat her right."

Joslyn was satisfied with his assurance.

But the truth was, she didn't introduce Miller to Blair. She wouldn't hook Blair up with someone who wasn't rich and couldn't give her a comfortable life. When Blair was on a blind date, Miller was at the same restaurant, on a blind date too. His table was right next to Blair's.

Blair wasn't really clicking with her date, but Miller seemed a lot nicer.

Coincidentally, things didn't work out between Miller and his blind date, either. After the girl left, Blair walked over to his table and struck up a conversation. In the end, they hit it off and decided to go out with each other.

Miller bade farewell to Joslyn and Hartwell. After he left, Joslyn got into Hartwell's car.

With a sullen face, Hartwell sat in the driver's seat. She knew how he felt. Joslyn sighe

like she knew him well. "Okay, got it. I only came back to grab a file. I should get going now. Dad wants to talk to you, Wesley."

Wesley nodded to Hartwell and watched him leave the study.

Adalson put down his brush again. "I asked you to come here because I'm interested in the goings on in a nearby city. I need two men from your team. They'll be stationed in that city for two years..."

They began to talk about work. They didn't even go off on a tangent into personal matters.

Adalson acted as if he knew nothing about what was between Blair and Wesley. Even after Wesley turned down Blair's proposal, he didn't ask Wesley a thing about it.

They talked for quite a while. When Wesley turned around to leave, Adalson called out to stop him. "Wesley. You have a bright future in the military. Work harder. Try to move up in rank in two years."

Adalson was clear about one thing. It wasn't that Wesley had no feelings for Blair. The main reason that Wesley had turned her down was because he was already married—to the country. The ambitious young man wasn't satisfied with his current situation. He wanted to hit the battlefield and protect his country.

Adalson also understood Blair rushed her engagement because she was angry at Wesley. It wasn't a rational decision.

Anyway, he couldn't get involved. Together or not, it was up to them.

Wesley stood straight and saluted Adalson. With a resolute and confident look in his eyes, he answered loudly, "Yes, sir! I won't fail you."

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