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   Chapter 563 The Choice

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"Blair is so brave! Our leader's a lucky guy. If a gal proposed to me like that, I'd say yes in a heartbeat," a soldier cried.

Wesley silently stared at Blair, paying no attention to his men's enthusiastic discussions. She was dressed in an elaborate wedding gown.

Finally, he said gruffly, "I'm a soldier. My life belongs to the country, and I would die for my fellow citizens. But it's too dangerous to get involved. I don't want to put your life in danger too." He had been ready to shed blood for his country and people long before. His life was not his own.

Blair took in his meaning. She figured he was worried about getting her hurt or killed. With hopes in her heart, she shook her head. "I want to be with you. I'm not afraid! I'm an orphan, so they can't really go after my family." The moment she fell in love with him, she knew the risks. She already had an answer ready for that.

The Ji family members were her only close relatives now. Her uncle and aunt would take care of her grandpa, while her two cousins would take care of her uncle and aunt. They were a strong family. Blair didn't need to worry about anyone else. She could just stand at Wesley's side and share life and death with him.

Wesley could see the determination in the girl's eyes. She was serious. But he still tried to change her mind. "Think about your uncle and your cousins. They would still be in danger."

After a pause, Blair said honestly, "Well, my uncle is our biggest cheerleader. He's the matchmaker and I got his approval before coming here today."

So he finally had his suspicions confirmed. He knew it. They were conducting military exercises here. No cars were allowed to drive into the training area without permission from the higher ups.

Wesley had wanted to frighten her away by laying out what she might have to go through. But it didn't work on this brave girl.

She was young and should have a bright and happy future. However, there was no telling if he would come back safe and sound from the next dangerous mission. His future was unpredictable. With that in mind, Wesley refused bluntly, "No."

He was calm. He didn't raise his voice, but it was loud enough to be heard by everyone standing nearby. Everyone was stunned, including Blair.

She had chosen to do it this way. In front of everyone. It would be bold, and eye-catching. And since he seemed to like her, she figured that this would definitely work. He wouldn't be cruel and turn her down heartlessly. Even if he wanted to say no, he'd have to say yes, and then turn her down in priv

thing, they lugged two large suitcases out of the apartment. When Blair was about to lock the door, the elevator doors opened and a man emerged.

It was Wesley.

Blair's hands trembled a little when she saw him, but she managed to regain her composure quickly. He silently stared at her luggage. She took the initiative to greet him, "Hi, Mr. Li. Long time no see. I'm moving out. I'll be out of the country for awhile, but you knew that."

After a moment of silence, he nodded, and then gave a quick glance at the man behind her. Blair smiled and wrapped her arm around her fiance's. "Honey, this is my neighbor, Wesley Li." She looked at Wesley and continued, "Mr. Li, this is my fiance, Miller Hong. We just got engaged. I'm moving in with him until my flight leaves."

'This is my fiance, Miller Hong...'

Those words struck Wesley like a bolt of lightning. He stared intently at the woman, but she didn't seem perturbed in the least. He wanted to find out if she was joking or lying, but he couldn't detect anything from her face.

It hadn't been that long since she proposed to him, but she was already engaged to another man. That was beyond ridiculous. Why did she rush into marriage like that?

He then shifted his gaze to scrutinize her fiance. Miller Hong looked very ordinary and about ten years older than Blair. Wesley wondered what her uncle had to say about this. Or if he even knew.

His mind was filled with a lot of questions that stung his heart like bees. Yet, he acted nonchalant and shook hands with Miller Hong politely.

Miller Hong looked at Wesley's military outfit. "Mr. Li, thank you for taking care of my fiancee for me," he said unctuously. "We should get going now."

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