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   Chapter 562 The Proposal

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It was getting hot. After Blair had passed the GRE test, she got busier. She sent her past school reports, along with her IELTS and TOEFL transcripts to a prestigious overseas university. Since Blair was an outstanding student, and her university had written a shining recommendation for her, she got her acceptance letter very soon.

When the junior year came to an end, Blair went to see Adalson.

In the study.

Adalson banged the desk angrily, his sonorous voice travelling across the entire second floor as he scolded, "This is complete nonsense!"

Blair pleaded, "Uncle, just this once! Please."

"Not gonna happen!" Adalson snapped.

He had no issues with Wesley, and he thought that it was right to take bold actions to pursue love.

But what Blair was suggesting was outrageous.

"Uncle, I am confident that my plan will work."

"No! Absolutely not! I cannot allow this!" Adalson felt that since he and Natalia had given Blair enough freedom lately, she thought that she could do whatever she wanted.

Blair drooped her head. She had known that her uncle would say no.

Seeing how disappointed she was, Adalson sighed. He calmed himself down and said, "You can chase him in any other way, but this is not right."

Blair shook her head. "I want to try this. If it still doesn't work, I'll focus on my studies."

The look on her face made Adalson's heart ache.

Finally, he said resignedly, "Fine. There will be a drill in four days. Wesley and his soldiers will be there. You can take that opportunity." He thought about it. This was the only chance where he could let Blair through to enter the military site and carry out her absurd plan.

Four days later on the military training area in the suburb.

The most courageous thing Blair had ever done was fall in love with Wesley.

The boldest thing she had ever done was propose to him in a wedding dress.

The most humiliating

ce I was seventeen. My parents died when I was only nineteen, and I could never forget the way you hugged me." Blair paused. "I fell for you when I first met you. You're the first man who has made me want to get married."

She had prepared a long speech, but as she stood facing him, she forgot all of it. She could only follow her heart and say whatever she was feeling. "I'm going abroad to study. I want to settle this before I leave. It won't be a big deal that we are in two different places. We can video chat. But if you don't want me to go, I will stay here. All you need to do is say it. I'll be a good wife and I will take care of our home. I already got a check-up. I'm healthy, except for some cold syndromes in my…uh...uterus. But it's nothing serious!

This is my check-up report." Blair handed him the medical examination report along with the box containing the matching wedding rings. But Wesley didn't even look at it; his eyes were fixed on her.

"Wesley, will you marry me? Will you stay with me and let your feelings for me grow?" she asked with all the courage she could summon.

He stood there motionless. A long while had passed, but he still didn't speak.

The soldiers behind him started to roar, "Chief, say yes!"

"Marry her! Marry her!"

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