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   Chapter 559 The Gift

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6762

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Blair's head was spinning. When she could finally think clearly, she found herself sitting at the table already.

The dishes on the table remained untouched. Megan sat on the couch, playing games on her phone. Seeing Wesley and Blair were back already, she put her phone away and stood up.

"Where did you go? I'm starving. Let's eat," Megan said pouting as she sat opposite Blair.

Blair smiled. "I took a walk." She was surprised to know that Wesley and Megan hadn't eaten yet. 'Was he waiting for me, then?'

Wesley took the seat next to her and threw her a pair of chopsticks. "Here. Eat."

Blair picked up the chopsticks and tried a couple pieces of tofu. The dinner was already cold.

"I'll heat these up," she said as she stood up.

Wesley dragged her back into her seat with one hand. "It's not too cold. Don't go to the trouble. Just eat."

The heat had been turned on, so the dishes were just room temperature. Blair sat back.

After taking a couple bites, Megan complained, "The beef bone broth is cold. Uncle Wesley, can you warm it up for me? It might cause a tummy ache if we eat it cold."

"Okay." Wesley dropped his chopsticks and walked into the kitchen, carrying the beef bone broth.

Blair gaped at him. 'He just said the dishes weren't that cold.'

After dinner, the three of them left Wesley's place together. Wesley was going to drive Megan home, and Blair went back to her own apartment.

When the doorbell rang, Blair was relaxing, reading on the bed after a comfortable shower. She jogged to the door. It was Wesley. He had just come back home.

He was holding his phone in his hands. "What's your WeChat account?"

Before Blair could say anything, he added, "I'll be pretty busy from now on. So I might need help taking care of my place."

"Oh..." Blair grabbed her phone from the bedroom, and they friended each other on WeChat.

His username was Wes, and hers was Bless.

The two names rhymed and even looked similar. Blair couldn't help thinking that judging fro

something was on her mind. "What's in it? You look conspiratorial."

Unable to make up her mind, she felt frustrated. In the end, she took the bag out of the cabinet and handed it to Wesley. "I saw it last time when I was shopping. I thought it suited you, so I bought it. I haven't found an opportunity to give it to you until today."

Wesley took the bag and opened it. Inside was a black embroidered box containing a lighter.

He tried the lighter. A flame whooshed out, about as tall as the lighter itself.

"Looks expensive." Wesley smiled, extinguished the flames and put the lighter back into the box.

'She isn't rich. Then how did she afford it?' he thought.

Blair shook her head and said, "It's okay. I bought it with my own money. I hope you like it."

Wesley put the box into the bag and handed it to her. "Return it. You're a student. You shouldn't have bought something so expensive."

"But I already paid for it." Blair didn't take the bag. 'Is he rejecting me?'

Wesley stuffed the bag into her arms and walked out of the kitchen. "Then give it to your uncle." Adalson also smoked.

Blair's heart broke into little pieces.

She had been so excited to give it to him. At this moment, her heart was filled with disappointment. After glancing at the bag in her hands, she asked, "You really hate me, don't you?"

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