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   Chapter 556 The Days When I Don’t See You

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7417

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Natalia was, in fact, a nice person. It was just that she had a sharp tongue.

She sounded harsh over the phone, but she was only calling Blair to tell her that she was going to wire her some money.

After Natalia had scolded Blair for five minutes, her throat dried up. She drank some water and continued, "I'm too tired to say anything more. Just hang up. You didn't even spend the night here on your cousin's birthday. Do you ever think about me? What will your grandpa think of me? He might think that I mistreat you or something."

Even though she had asked Blair to hang up, she didn't stop talking. Blair didn't dare hang up while she was still scolding her. "Aunt, Grandpa knows how nice you are to me. He will only think that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have an amazing, caring aunt like you."

Natalia's gloomy face broke into a smile. To conceal her happiness, she feigned an annoyed tone and said, "Whatever. Bye."

After ending the phone call, Natalia saw her younger son, Wacian Ji, come down the stairs in a neat suit. "Now I know why your father likes Blair so much. Girls are indeed more lovable. Neither you nor your brother brings me any form of comfort. You both worry me all the time. Hartwell is in his thirties, unmarried, and you are 29 years old, without even a girlfriend. When am I going to have a grandchild? In my nineties? Maybe it's my fault. I should have given birth to two girls."

Wacian Ji felt wronged. He hadn't even said a word since that morning. He wondered how he had gotten on his mother's nerves.

Natalia walked past him and urged, "Don't spend all your time and energy on work. Go on a blind date or something. I will go with you and select my daughter-in-law."

Wacian Ji tucked his hands into his pockets, looking at his mom, stone-faced. "Hartwell brought his girlfriend home last time. Since you are so anxious to see him get married, why haven't you paid her family a visit yet?"

"I don't need you to remind me of that. I'll visit Joslyn's parents as soon as she graduates."

To get his mom off his back, Wacian Ji brought up Blair's secret. "I heard that Blair has a crush on someone. Don't you want to know who it is?" His mom was always so

t lifting his head. "Granted. You have been working for three months in a row. You do need to get some rest. Just remember to submit the note for leave."

"Yes, sir."

Blair counted the days as they passed by without Wesley's presence. Five days after their brief meeting in the hallway, she once again saw him. When she was waiting for the elevator to go to her apartment, Wesley walked over with a few bags of food in his hands.

The elevator arrived and he went straight in. Looking at his figure, Blair lost her nerve to walk into the elevator. For some reason, she was afraid to be near him.

Wesley turned around in the elevator and pressed the button. The doors closed.

But soon after, the doors opened again. He looked at her.

She blinked in bewilderment.

Seeing that she wasn't moving, he asked with a frown, "Are you coming?"

'He is talking to me.' It was a ray of hope. Blair was happy. She scampered into the elevator.

The doors closed again. Confined in the little space, neither of them made an attempt to start a conversation.

It was normal for Wesley to remain quiet, but Blair had to tell herself to shut up.

She was afraid that he didn't want to hear her speak. If that was the case, she would only push him away by talking too much.

The elevator arrived at the sixteenth floor, and Blair walked out first. She was about to say goodbye to him when a girl in a blazer standing in front of the door to his apartment caught her eye.

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