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   Chapter 555 He Doesn't Even Like You

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The "they" Joslyn was referring to were her father and stepmother. Apparently, they treated her badly.

Joslyn and Blair entered the Shining International Plaza and were dazzled by a superb collection of beautiful things inside.

Standing outside a clothing store, Joslyn admired a beautiful dress in the shop window. "Wow, that dress is amazing. The price is amazing too—29, 999 dollars. There was a time you could have afforded that."

She was right. When Blair's parents were still alive, her mom was rich, even though her dad was a poor professor. However, after the accident, Blair had to pay her neighbors back for their losses. The huge fire had caused a great damage in the villa zone.

Her uncle and cousin offered to give her pocket money many times, but she turned them down every time. She got a scholarship every semester, enough to cover her living expenses.

"Hey Blair, why not try it on?" Joslyn asked and pinched her arm.

Blair shook her head. "Why bother? I don't have the money. It'll tick off the salespeople."

Her words made sense to Joslyn. "All right. Let's go."

While walking, Joslyn put a comforting hand on Blair's shoulder. "I'll find a good job and work hard after graduation. And I'll give you a dress as expensive as this one as a birthday gift," Joslyn promised.

"Really? Then I'm looking forward to it." Blair kissed Joslyn on her cheek.

Joslyn laughed out loud. "No problem. That's me, studying hard for your future. However, I think maybe you should buy me the dress. You are a straight-A student. You'll be a postgraduate one day. Or even a doctor. You'll probably make a ton more money."

Looking at the clothes in the mall, Blair answered absentmindedly, "I hope so. But I'm really burned out. I feel like all I do is study." Actually, she didn't want to be a strong, self-made woman. She just wanted to marry Wesley and be a housewife, taking care of her husband and children every day. That was hard, because he didn't like her.

Joslyn leaned in a

Wesley saw the post, and after a short pause, he simply said, "I don't know."

"Isn't she Lieutenant General Ji's niece? He has money, right?"

"I have no idea," was Wesley's answer.

Talbot rolled his eyes and went to talk about Blair with others.

Blair had forgotten to block her relatives when she sent the post. Soon, Natalia Deng, Adalson's wife called her. "What do you mean, Blair? Are you complaining that we don't give you money? You want others to look down on us?"

"It's not like that, Aunt Natalia. I was just kidding. I've got a scholarship. And Uncle Adalson paid for my rent. I'm really grateful to you and him," Blair answered softly.

Natalia Deng spat, "I don't care what you were thinking. I'll wire you some money tonight. When you get a job, remember to pay us back."

"There's really no need to—" She was going to get a scholarship soon.

However, before she could finish, Natalia Deng cut her off. "Just shut up! What can you do with less than 1, 000? Do you want to starve? We'll feel bad if you starve. How will we ever face your mother in heaven if we let that happen? You refuse to live with us, and that's bad enough. Now you don't have the money to support yourself. You want people to think we're mean?"

Natalia Deng was starting to yell. Blair had to take the receiver away from her ear.

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