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   Chapter 554 Then We Can Sleep With Each Other

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6867

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"Stop!" Farris shouted and grabbed Blair's arm to stop her from leaving. She hated being touched by strangers and shook him off with all her might.

Caught off-guard, Farris staggered backwards and tripped over a stone, which sent him plummeting to the ground. He rolled over to a sitting position, trying to get his bearings.

Blair couldn't believe her eyes. 'Am I that strong? Or is he that weak?'

She immediately helped Farris to his feet and apologized to him. "Wow! I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Many onlookers couldn't help but giggle at what happened.

Farris was pissed off. When he stood up, he grabbed Blair again with both hands and reprimanded, "Don't pull away from me when I'm talking to you! Who do you think you are? You should be grateful to me for liking you. You play goody-two-shoes when you're just a cheap-ass ho! Last chance! You can either agree to it, or I'll just do what I have to."

'Be grateful to him for liking me? Ha-ha! That's hilarious, ' Blair thought. She regarded the discussion as over, so she turned to leave.

Farris, however, pushed her to the ground, him on top. "Everyone's at the gala. If I fuck you right here, there won't be anyone riding to your rescue."

Blair panicked. "Lay a finger on me, and I'll paint the walls with your blood," she said through gritted teeth as she struggled to free her hands. He had them pinned on either side of her head.

After a short pause, Farris said, "Then agree to be my girlfriend."

Blair clenched her teeth and struggled against his weight. "Not a chance!"

Farris' friends saw this and ran over. "Dude, not cool," one of them said.

"You know her uncle's—"

"I don't give a shit who her uncle is!" Farris cut him off. "I'm gonna fuck this bitch, and no one's gonna stop me."

Birds of a feather flock together. Some of Farris' friends were also from well-off families, and they acted as if they were above the law. One of Farris' friends lit a cigarette and stared at them coldly. "Yeah. Teach this bitch a lesson so she'll know her place."


ing, and whispering. They thought Wesley was super-handsome.

Wesley's eyes met Blair's, but in the next second, he looked away as if she were a mere stranger.

Talbot was in the third vehicle. He asked the driver to stop and waved at Blair. "Blair, we're taking off. Don't be a stranger, okay?"

Blair waved back. "Sure. Bye!"

Lenard, Bowman, and others who knew her also waved goodbye.

After they left, she went inside, feeling frustrated.

Somehow, she was suddenly struck with a deep sense of loss.

Hartwell's birthday was just around the corner. Joslyn asked Blair along on a shopping trip to buy him a gift. Blair herself had to give her cousin a gift too, so she didn't turn Joslyn down.

When Joslyn took her to the Shining International Plaza, Blair's eyes widened. "Joslyn, did you win the lottery? Prices are sky high here!"

Joslyn sighed and said, "I know. But your cousin's worth it. What can I do?" She felt her heart ache at the thought of buying something in here.

Blair grabbed Joslyn's hand and led her to the entrance. "Look, he's not that kind of guy. You can't buy his love. One dollar or a thousand, he'll just be happy you got him something."

Joslyn stopped Blair. "Don't worry. Although they don't give me any pocket money, I've got some money saved from my part-time job. I have enough to get him something special."

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