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   Chapter 553 A Gala To Welcome The Freshmen

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7035

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For the next two days, Blair and Wesley didn't see each other at all, not on campus or in the elevator.

Blair was afraid that once the freshmen's military training was done, he would get reassigned somewhere else and she'd never see him.

Although they were neighbors, they didn't spend much time together. As he said, he was usually gone. She hoped that the military training would never end. She wanted to at least see him, even if he didn't say hi. Her eyes were full of affection when she saw him.

Joslyn sighed in her heart, 'Bless, I hope you get what you want someday.'

Time flies! Two weeks flew by, and the military training program came to an end. The annual gala to welcome the freshmen was also fast approaching.

The gala was held on the training ground. The date was the night before the last day of training. The guests were the teachers and students at the university, as well as the soldiers who hadn't left yet.

One of the hosts was a girl in a red evening dress, a senior, and the other was a handsome junior in a suit and leather shoes. To the audience's surprise, after their opening, the first program was neither a song nor a dance performance.

The male host declared in a charming voice, "Now let's welcome Blair Jing, a junior majoring in Business English, to give us an English speech to kick this thing off. Let's give her a warm welcome."

The students started screaming and whistling in excitement. The din was deafening. As that was going on, a lovely girl in a sky-blue knee-length dress and a pair of white high heels stepped onto the stage. She was very naturally made up, to accentuate her best features, and looked as if she had no make-up on at all. She wore some pink lip gloss as well.

Talbot patted Wesley's shoulder excitedly and yelled, "Chief, it's Blair! Wow! What a hottie!"

Wesley, who sat upright, rolled his eyes at him and then looked at the girl on the stage. Then he looked away, as if he were not impressed.

Mouth wide open, Lenard looked at the boys screaming and whistling for Blair, and murmured in disappointment, "Blair has

boys had confessed their love to her. What was more, none of them were men worth having. She was on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Farris Tong didn't know what Blair had said in English, but Wesley could. He curled his lips, and felt lucky that he had obtained the TEM8 certificate.

Farris Tong got angry and threw the flowers he held to the ground. "Hey, don't play the holier-than-thou card with me! I have money, and I can buy as many TEM8 certificates as I want."

'Money? I really don't have money, ' Blair thought and sneered. 'But I don't give a damn about it.' "I admit that the TEM8 certificate is nothing. I also passed the TOEFL and IELTS exams. And now I'm studying for my GRE. Tell you what, buy me those test results and I'll be your girlfriend. Oh, and the CATTI certificate for translators too. Level 1, 2, or 3, doesn't matter."

The boy's face turned red with embarrassment as he listened to her. He couldn't get all that. It would cost a small fortune. Besides that, it wouldn't matter. His grades weren't up to snuff.

He felt he would burst with anger and shame. "Just tell me yes or no. Quit jerking me around," he spat. "My bros are here. I have a reputation to uphold!"

Blair looked behind her and saw several boys following closely.

'Is he trying to threaten me?' she thought. "Look, I'm flattered, really. But the answer is no. Goodbye," she said firmly.

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