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   Chapter 551 I Can Stand The Heat

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Wesley fixed his eyes on Blair and sneered, "You think I'm bullying Talbot? Are you trying to protect him from me?"

"Talbot cooked for us, cleaned the house and washed the dishes. Are you not moved at all?" Blair asked in return.

Wesley was about to say something when the room went dark. The electricity had gone off.

"What happened?" Blair asked as she unlocked her phone.

Wesley stood up from the sofa, fished out his phone and opened the flashlight application. "You sit here. I'll go take a look."

"Okay." Blair had her phone light on to light Wesley's path.

The two of them lived in the same housing estate, so their main power switches had been installed likewise. He found it soon enough, and after checking it, he didn't find anything wrong.

At that moment, they received a text message from the State Grid. It said, "Dear resident, sorry to inform you..." It turned out that all the apartments in the housing estate were out of power and they were not sure when it would come back on.

Blair was at a loss for words. It was summer!

"I'll go buy some candles," Wesley offered.

When he arrived at the door to change his shoes, he saw Talbot and Blair chatting under the flashlight. He immediately changed his mind. "Blair, you are more familiar with the housing estate. You go buy the candles."

Blair agreed without hesitation.

She walked towards the door, but when she turned back to look at the dark apartment, she figured it was an excellent opportunity to bond with Wesley. She didn't want to miss this chance, so she told Talbot, "Talbot, will you go buy the candles? I'm scared of the dark."

Talbot nodded. Blair told him the location of the grocery store cheerfully. When he was about to leave, he turned back to look at his superior and his dream girl. 'Something is not right, ' he thought.

Talbot shook his head and went down the stairs.

Blair fixed her eyes on Wesley without looking away. He felt aroused by her gaze, so he got up from the sofa quickly. "I need a smoke," he said, as he turned towards the balcony.

But a soft, warm hand

"I know. But the light show has nothing to do with—"

The light shot towards them again, the shadow of which looked exactly like a man's figure.

'Oh! It was just a shadow from the light show!' Blair thought to herself.

Embarrassed, she tried to explain to him, "Usually, the moment I get home, I turn on the lights. So, I've never seen this before. Please don't get me wrong."

She was telling the truth. Every time she entered her bedroom, she would turn on the lights and close the curtains. It was the first time that the electricity of her apartment had been cut off.

Wesley looked at the girl before him and raised her chin to force her to look into his eyes. "Were you trying to seduce me?"

He didn't believe what she had said. He thought that she had done it on purpose to lure him into the bedroom. 'She doesn't even mind using her body to seduce me.'

Blair was stunned by his question and clenched her fists. 'Is this how he sees me?' Blair didn't think it necessary to clear her name. She flashed a charming smile, held his waist and pressed herself against his strong body. "Bingo! How about we spend the night together?"

Wesley gave her an evil smile as he moved forward, which made her automatically step backward. Bang! Her back hit the wall and she gave a choked cry, her grip on his waist loosening. 'What a jerk! He doesn't know how to treat a girl properly!'

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