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   Chapter 550 A Wuss

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Blair could only watch helplessly as Wesley put his phone back in his pocket.

It wasn't long after that Talbot finished cooking. When he walked out of the kitchen with a plate of food, an awkward silence hung between Blair and Wesley. But he was too slow to realize it. "Come and get it!"

Wesley shot to his feet first and went to the kitchen to help Talbot set the table.

Blair followed him and began to ladle porridge for them.

Just as she picked up the ladle, someone stopped her. "You scalded your arm, remember? Let me do it," said Wesley.

He took the ladle away from her without a second thought and began to dish it out into the bowls.

Blair shrugged and sat at the dining room table, waiting for the two.

Talbot's cooking skills were amazing, like he said. Blair raved about the dishes, telling him what a terrific cook he was.

The cook, however, blushed. He tried to change the topic. "Have some more. Try this Chinese yam. Easy on the stomach and good for healing."

Blair nodded. "Thanks, Talbot." After she ate it, she exclaimed, "Wow! That's really sweet!"

"Of course! I picked it myself. Hey, you know how to pick Chinese yams?" Blair shook her head, so Talbot continued, "Make sure they're firm all the way around, and the skin isn't all wrinkled. And you don't want any cracks in it, either." It was obvious he was passionate about the subject.

Wesley, who kept silent all this time, watched Talbot continue to heap food onto Blair's plate while the two laughed happily. As time went by, anger rose in his heart.

After dinner, Blair sat on the sofa to get some rest.

Talbot cleaned up, while Wesley washed the dishes.

Talbot came over to Wesley and whispered in his ear, "What's going on, Chief? Yeah, I saw you at dinner. You sure there's nothing between you and her?"

Wesley cast a scornful glance at him and asked in reply, "What's it to you?"

Talbot scratched the back of his head and gave him a shy smile. "I figured I'd ask her out. But if you like her, I'll back off."

Wesley pushed him away and spat out, "I don't like her!" He had a murderous look on his face, his hands balled into fists. Talbot steeled himself in case Wesley tried to swing at him.

This was not the way he expected the conversation to go. He took a few steps back, murmuring in a low voice, "Hey, hey. I'll drop it, okay? You don't like her."

When Wesley said those wor

finished yet. "Wuss!" he snapped.

Blair couldn't believe her ears.

'Seriously? Is he trying to mess with me?' She took a deep breath to calm down. "Are you trashing fruit? How is a man supposed to eat fruit, then?" she asked in a calm voice.

It took a Herculean effort to keep her voice even, because deep inside, she was quite unhappy.

"Like this!" Wesley took a piece of apple which had been cut in half, and took a large bite. He ate so much of it that only a smaller bite would be needed to finish it off.

Blair's eyes almost popped out of her head.

She also realized Wesley was in a bad mood and would find something to bitch about no matter what she said or did. She decided that saying nothing was better than having her head bitten off.

But she was wrong. Wesley was not trying to mess with her. For some reason, he was angry at Talbot, calling him a wuss. What a way to repay him for that delicious meal he cooked!

When Talbot finished washing the dishes and left the kitchen, his jaw dropped when he saw the fruit platter. He picked up a hunk of dragon fruit and looked at it, a dubious look on his face. "Chief, did you use a pickax to cut this?" he joked.

Wesley was boiling with rage. "Fuck off. I worked my ass off to make this."

"Sorry, Chief. It's fine." Talbot made a face and stuck out his tongue.

"You always bully Talbot like this?" Blair asked.

'Bully?' Talbot shook his head. "Don't worry. Our chief never bullied us. This is how he talks to us. He's actually a great guy."

'Except that he's a hothead and a relentless taskmaster, ' Talbot thought.

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