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   Chapter 548 Let Me Be Your Girlfriend

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Blair strolled over, stood in front of Wesley and looked up at him. He frowned in confusion. Suddenly, she put her hands on his strong waist, stood on tiptoe, and quickly planted a kiss on his lips. "Thanks for your help."

Last time, she kissed the corner of his lips, but this time, her kiss fell fully on his lips. She was getting bolder.

Blair was wallowing in the smugness when Wesley suddenly leaned forward. She was startled and instinctively took a step back. 'What does he want to do? Will he kill me just because I kissed him?' she wondered.


"Yes?" Was this the first time he said her name? It sounded so great!

"I don't love you." His cold and straightforward words rang in her ears.

Blair grinned, a hint of unnoticeable bitterness lingering on her lips. "I know." She was the one crushing on him, not the other way round. In a relationship, whoever falls in love first hurts more. Blair was well aware of that.

It only proved that Wesley was a good man. He didn't love her, so he turned her down from the start. Quickly. It was better than stringing her along.

Wesley felt a headache coming on. She was quite stubborn so he decided to be blunt. He explained further, "I'm only 24. I don't have time for love. I don't need it. My job is to serve my country and its people. That's it. That's what I was born to do."

"Wesley Li," she suddenly called out, interrupting him.


"You're a grown-up. You can marry and have kids and still be a soldier. Plenty of military types do that. And I'm not asking you to marry me now. Let's just date. I promise I won't bother you when you're working." Blair didn't know where she got the confidence to say things like that. She knew it was now or never. She probably wouldn't be that bold a second time.

Wesley gave her a long look. "No, it's not in the cards, okay? Don't kiss me again. Keep your hands—and your lips—to yourself, and we can still be friends."

"Friends..." She hesitated for a second. "I can't just be your friend. I love you."

"I told you, I don't love you. Hate me if you have to, but just leave me alone." He left her apartment after dropping the last words.

Blair took a deep brea

t in. "In my house?"

"Yeah. Know how long it's been since I cooked?" Thinking of something, he turned around to look at Talbot, who was still in a daze. "Get in there. I'm going back home to change."

Talbot nodded and ran towards Blair's apartment.

Wesley headed over to his own place. Talbot changed into a pair of clean slippers that Blair gave to him. As he walked inside, he asked curiously, "So how long have you known Wesley?"

Blair thought for a second before answering, "A long time. But we didn't really get to know each other."

"So...are you two... close with each other now?" Talbot asked with an evil smile.

Blair shook her head. "No. But we know each other a little better. After all, we're neighbors. And he helped me out a few times."

"Oh..." Talbot nodded. He took out the ingredients from the bag while running his eyes over her apartment. "Your apartment is pretty much the same as our dear leader's. It's warmer here somehow, and more comfortable."

Blair helped him carry the food to the kitchen. "It's the decorations."

"Yeah, maybe."

Blair told him where all the cooking utensils were. In the end, she said, "Sorry for the trouble. Thank you for cooking for me tonight."

Talbot shook his head. "We're good. I like it. Wait out in the dining room. I'll take care of everything in the kitchen."

"No, I can stay. I'll help you wash the vegetables." Her arm was hurt but it wasn't a big deal to wash the vegetables.

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