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   Chapter 547 Your Girlfriend's So Hot

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Blair knew that a soldier could be called to duty at a moment's notice. She told him, "If you have something urgent to handle, just drop me off here. I'll just get a cab."

Wesley mulled it over. He did have to get going. But when he saw her face, still drained of color, he thought better of it. He didn't even slow down. "No, it's okay."

Blair was surprised, but said nothing.

She was brought to the place where he worked. As soon as his car pulled into the parking lot, a few men dressed in army-green shirts came and surrounded Wesley, who was getting out. "Chief! You're finally here. Please report to Mr. Zhao's office now."

Wesley closed the car door. Without responding to his men, he walked around the car to the passenger door.

The soldiers followed their leader and kept urging him. But they all shut up when the passenger door was pulled open. Their eyes widened in shock. A woman was sitting in the passenger seat, wondering if she should get out.

Seeing her indecisiveness, Wesley actively helped her unfasten the seat belt, while talking fast. "My office is on the third floor, first room on the left; your uncle's office is on the fourth floor, second room on the right. Head there and wait for me. I'll come find you when I get a chance."

Blair nodded her head. She moved slowly in the seat, looked down at the ground and carefully stretched out a leg. His vehicle was so high and large that she needed to get out of it carefully, holding the handle like when she got in.

Seeing she had balance issues, Wesley held her hand, and wrapped the other around her waist when she was halfway down. Straightaway, he took her into his arms and let her get to her feet. The other soldiers were even more shocked by this scene, their jaws dropped. Wesley ignored their curious looks and pointed in the direction of his office.

Blair smiled at Wesley's men, greeting them with a nod. After that, she headed towards the office building.

As soon as she left the parking lot, the soldiers all besieged their leader and said with keen interest, "Nice going, Chief! She's cute."

"Finally. We were wondering why you never dated any girls. When did you get a girlfri

When they left the office, some of Wesley's colleagues craned their necks to look at them. Blair noticed and asked, "Wesley, what are they looking at?"

Looking straight ahead, he answered outright, "You."


Wesley continued descending the stairs. He caught a glimpse of her when he turned a corner and explained, "You're the niece of Lieutenant General Ji. They've never seen you before."

"Oh, I see..."

After the two were completely out of sight, the group of men hidden in the corner began to gossip. "Wow, she's gorgeous."

"Yeah she is. She got such nice eyes, and the way she rolls them..." One of them clutched his heart to make his point. "But he's so bad-tempered. What does she see in him?"

"Maybe he's more tender to her than he is with us."

"Point taken. So I wonder if he's marrying into Lieutenant General Ji's family."

"Maybe. He'd be smart to do it. He'd work his way through the ranks quickly."

The fervent discussions didn't subside even after the pair had left the office building.

Wesley escorted Blair back home. He watched as she unlocked the door to her apartment. He followed her in.

Out of habit, he vigilantly walked around her apartment to check if there were any safety problems. After confirming that everything was safe, he walked towards the door and said, "Get some rest. I should jet."

Blair suddenly called out, "Wait."

He laced up his boots before turning around to look at her.

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