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   Chapter 546 Goodbye, Sister-in-law

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Blair got out of the hospital bed and dragged her weak body to the bathroom to freshen up.

When she was brushing her teeth, she noticed that her arm wasn't as red and swollen as it was the day before. A new layer of ointment had been applied to the wound, nourishing her skin. It had a slight fragrance to it.

She wondered who had applied the ointment to her wound. Was it Wesley, or a doctor?

When she came out of the bathroom, Wesley had already left. She settled herself back on the bed, and wheeled the cart over that held the bowl of wontons and noodles. She then began eating. She was already half-done by the time Wesley came back with a few pieces of paper and some boxes of medicine in his hands.

She looked at him, asking, "You eaten yet?"

He shifted his gaze to her and nodded, "Mmm hmm."

He quietly waited for her to finish before letting her know how to use the medicine. Staring at his serious profile, Blair said sincerely, "Thank you, Wesley." It was good to be his neighbor. She felt protected, safe with him.

And what if she were his girlfriend? She knew that feeling of security would be even more intense.

Betraying no emotion, Wesley threw her a quick glance. "You're welcome." He handed the medicine to her and turned on his heels without a word.

Breaking out of her reverie, Blair found he was gone. She left the bed again, and jogged out of the ward. It wasn't long before she caught up to him. He was waiting for her in front of the elevator.

The doors opened. When they were about to step inside, they heard a panting voice call out, "Brother, Sister-in-law..."

Blair was pretty sure that wasn't for her, so she continued walking into the elevator. Wesley suddenly grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her out. The elevator doors closed again. She turned to look at him, confused.

He coldly pointed to a young man gasping for air behind them. He was dressed in a blue shirt and a white gown, and obviously was out of breath, rushing to catch them before they boarded the elevator. The young doctor looked a little bit like Wesley, but his complexion was muc

, where the air-conditioner was blowing cool air. He waved goodbye to them from the entrance. "Goodbye, Brother and Sister-in-law!"

That was the second time he called her "Sister-in-law." She shook her head. "Hey, I'm not..." However, Niles had already hurried inside. He didn't want to be around them in case Wesley tried to punch him.

Embarrassed, she looked at the sullen man.

Sulking silently, he sat in the driver's seat and started the car. "Don't mind him. He's an idiot, and has been since we were kids. I'll teach him a lesson next time."

'What? An idiot? An idiot made a speech on behalf of his school?'

Blair was confused. Was he trying to say there was nothing between them?

He skillfully turned the wheel and drove the car away. "Don't worry about it," she said. "I know he was just joking. He's only a kid."

Wesley gave her a sidelong glance. "A kid? You guys aren't that far apart in age. You may be just a few months older."

"A few months or a few years, he's still younger. He's lively and carefree, like a child."

Wesley said nothing, lost in his own thoughts.

When they rounded a corner, his phone suddenly rang. As soon as he tapped on the screen of the in-car phone, a man's voice echoed through the car. "Wesley, we have a priority alert. Need you ASAP."

"Understood!" Wesley's face turned serious. He made a U-turn and was about to head to his platoon.

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