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   Chapter 545 Wesley Was Guilty

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7962

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Before Niles could say a word, Wesley fled from the ward at lightning speed.

Niles could do nothing but watch him disappear from sight. He figured that his brother was fleeing because he was guilty. The truth was that Wesley indeed felt guilty for his stupid behavior.

If word got out that he had covertly touched a woman's hand, he would be so embarrassed to face the soldiers and would be laughed at by others in the army. 'It's all her fault. Women are serious trouble!' Wesley thought angrily as he left the ward.

Inside the ward, Niles quietly approached the hospital bed. The woman was lying in it with her eyes closed. Curiosity filled his entire system. He wondered what kind of woman she was. Even the righteous Wesley was tempted by her.

As he took a closer look, Niles found that she was pretty young, probably under twenty. She had long, black hair. Her small, light-complexioned face was flushed because of the high fever. She had beautiful facial features—a small nose, cute and plump lips, and long eyelashes. Although her eyes were closed and she didn't look healthy at that moment, he could tell that she was a pretty girl.

As he continued staring at her face, Niles started to feel that she looked a bit familiar. He tried to place the face in his mind. 'Wait! She's that outstanding interpreter who attended the research seminar held by my school and the British Medical University!'

Niles was shocked when he realized who she was.

He remembered that he had sat in the first row at that research seminar. He was so impressed by her linguistic ability and adored her so much. After the seminar, he had even told his roommates that Blair Jing would be his idol from then on.

And now his idol was in front of him and maybe, she would become his sister-in-law some day in the future. His eyes shone and excitement flooded through him.

If Blair and Wesley became a couple, then he would be able to see his idol every day. That sounded good. No, that sounded perfect!

But then, Niles frowned. His elder brother was such a blockhead when it came to matters of love. Judging from Wesley's flustered reaction earlier, it looked like they weren't even dating yet.

'Looks like I need to do my brother this huge favor, ' Niles thought mischievously.

Two minutes later, he rushed out of the ward and found Wesley smoking in the exit passageway. "W

She blinked in confusion. Although she couldn't make sense of the situation, it felt wonderful to see Wesley in front of her when she woke up in the morning. She wished she could see him every morning when she opened her eyes, for the rest of her life.

Since she said nothing, Wesley continued to speak. "How are you feeling now? Does it hurt anywhere?"

It was supposed to be a caring gesture. But he sounded indifferent, as if he was just asking what the weather was like today. Blair concluded in her mind that Wesley was really a blockhead.

He didn't know how to carry a girl in his arms the right way, nor did he know how to be tender or show any care towards others.

She shook her head, sighing inwardly.

She shifted her gaze away from him and looked around the room. 'Am I in a ward?'

Seeing the confusion in her eyes, Wesley explained, "This is a hospital. You had a fever last night."

'A fever? Oh...' She finally got a grasp of the situation. No wonder she felt ache all over her body.

"Did you bring me here?" she asked, although she more or less knew the answer.

Wesley nodded and stood up from the chair. "Have your breakfast now."

Blair slowly sat up on the bed and asked casually, "What was my temperature when you brought me here?" She touched her forehead. It felt normal now. The fever was gone, but she felt a little tired.

"39.8 degrees," he said.

Blair was taken aback. It had almost touched 40 degrees! 'Could the fever have affected my brain? Would I become stupid?' But she still recognized Wesley, so her brain should be fine.

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