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   Chapter 544 Her Fair Skin

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7686

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The words "handsome" or "beautiful" always get people's attention. Hearing Joslyn say this, Blair merely nodded and followed her into the crowd of students.

Much to Blair's surprise, she discovered Wesley and the other drillmasters were onsite at the training ground.

Wesley led the other drillmasters in regular military exercises, like lying down, crawling on the belly and crawling in different postures. Every soldier needed to finish a whole set of exercises.

Blair elbowed her way to the front row and watched them training with keen interest. Now the soldiers were practicing capturing techniques, roundhouse kicks, wrestling, throwing left and right hooks, and switching opponents. The crowd was excited by the show.

Then the most interesting part: More than ten drillmasters surrounded Wesley, backing him into the metaphorical corner. He had no choice but to fight back. In the blink of an eye, all of his opponents were dispatched—thrown to the ground, or signaling they were unable to continue.

The deafening screams from the crowd made Blair's ears ring. Nonetheless, she ignored it and locked her eyes on the handsome and capable man, eyes glimmering with admiration. The way Wesley took down his own men was so cool that she wanted to scream as well.

Her anger towards him vanished into thin air. She completely forgot what she had said earlier. Drawing closer to Joslyn, Blair whispered, "I take it all back. He's so hot and I'm not giving up on him now." He was sharp-tongued. But his handsome face and his nearly superhuman ability outweighed his shortcomings.

'I knew it.' Joslyn rolled her eyes at Blair and said, "Good luck to you. If you can win over a guy like that, you'll feel secure every night in his arms."

Practically drooling, Blair nodded and echoed her words, "Agreed."

After a day's classes, Blair and Joslyn had dinner together and then went their separate ways.

It wasn't until she was back home that Blair found her body temperature was a little high. She touched her forehead. It seemed like she had a fever.

She sighed gloomily. One misfortune followed another.

She was held hostage in the library, got heatstroke on the playground, scalded her arm at the cafeteria and now had a fever. Probably, the fever was caused by her burn. B

hand in his big one.

It felt so soft and smooth. He had never felt anything like this. He totally lost himself in this special feeling.

Niles had come to the military hospital with his teacher to attend a medical seminar. It wasn't easy to get a chance to attend that seminar, so he had hurried here. He heard from an acquaintance that Wesley was there too. He asked the ward number and came to see his brother. When he was about to push the door open, he was taken aback at what he saw through the windows in the door.

'Oh my God! Will wonders never cease?

That's my idiot brother! And he's holding a woman's hand!' Niles exclaimed in his mind.

An idea popped up in his head, and immediately, he took out his phone, switched it to silent mode and aimed the camera at the pair inside.

Wesley was supposed to be pretty savvy and aware of his surroundings. He was hard to sneak up on. But since he was so engrossed by the touch of Blair's hand, his guard was down. He didn't know Niles was standing at the doorway, snapping pics.

Suddenly, Wesley came back to his senses. Realizing what he was doing, he was flustered and dropped her hand at once.

He shot to his feet and ran his fingers through his hair, annoyed.

Niles carefully put his phone back into his pocket and politely knocked on the door before coming in. "Oh! Hey, Wesley."

Wesley wasn't surprised to see Niles. Or if he was, he didn't show it. Instead of explaining anything, he said, "You came at the right time. Watch her. I need a smoke."

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