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   Chapter 543 I Don't Deserve It

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Blair clenched her fists and lifted them in front of Wesley, threatening to punch him in the face. But instead of moving a muscle to defend himself, he stood rooted to the spot and smirked.

Blair felt humiliated about being looked down upon by the man she loved.

She knew nothing about martial arts. But at that moment, she wished she did. If she were as skilled as he was, she would have surely taught him a lesson. She would have beaten him to the ground and made him beg her for mercy.

"Whether you love me or not, that's your choice. You're free to decide. I admit that I do love you, but I won't let you humiliate me like that!" Blair said angrily.

Wesley had figured out her feelings for him long ago. But this was the first time he had heard her say blatantly that she loved him. He looked at her, a complicated look in his eyes. "I don't need anyone's love," he declared coldly.

He couldn't promise any woman a bright future. That was the kind of life he led. So, he didn't want to love anyone, nor did he need anyone's love.

Blair seethed in anger. She was hurt once again by his sharp words.

"Oh really? Then please, do come back to your apartment more often and stop trying to avoid me by taking the stairs. You know my physical strength is no match to yours. I can't take the stupid stairs! So, take the damn elevator with me! And mark my words, I'll make you fall in love with me one day. You'll have to take back your words when that moment comes."

Wesley didn't care about her provocation. He said, "Don't bother. I won't fall in love with a woman who can't even take the stairs with me."

Blair breathed heavily, unable to utter another word. Tears threatened to fall from her reddened eyes.

When Talbot ran back to them gasping for air, he saw Blair trying to kick Wesley in his shins.

He was taken aback by shock and surprise. 'What the hell is she doing? That's Wesley, the military hero! Why is she trying to kick him? Is she nuts?' Of course, Blair failed to make contact with his body. Wesley easily sidestepped her attack and she only managed to kick the air.

Frustrated, Blair felt like she was about to explode. Tears began to stream down her cheeks. "Why do you bully me like this every time?" she protested.

Ignoring her question, Wesley walked up to Talbot and took the ointment from his hand

air's anger. "What on earth happened? What did he say to you? Why are you so angry?" Blair was a soft and patient girl. She always smiled to everyone. Joslyn seldom saw her like this.

'Maybe she loves Wesley so much that she cares about every word that comes out of his mouth, ' Joslyn reckoned.

Blair felt embarrassed to repeat Wesley's words. She blew on her scalded arm and said, "Whatever, he did look down on me. Joslyn, I don't want to love him anymore. He's such a jerk!"

Joslyn sighed. "If you can control your feelings, then just forget about him."

Like many young girls, Blair had had her first awakening of love when she was around seventeen years old.

She used to admire Wesley as her idol for two years. Then when she was nineteen, their paths had finally crossed. Since then, she had secretly loved him and had tried to pursue him. So, to be precise, she had loved him for more than three years.

The two girls silently sat on the bench of the pavilion, watching the students come and go around the campus. Occasionally, they could hear some students gossiping about Blair and Wesley. It seemed like the students had already begun to put their names together.

On their way back to the classroom, they walked past the training ground and saw a large group of students in a circle. Thunderous exclamation and applause arose from the crowd.

Joslyn excitedly dragged Blair towards the crowd. "Bless, let's go have a look. I heard some girls exclaim about someone being very handsome. There must be some hot men in the training ground!"

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