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   Chapter 542 Why Are You Crying

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6867

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In an instant, Blair's arm was scalded. It turned red and swelled, and her face went pale.

Wesley let go of her arm, and quickly unscrewed the lid from the bottle of water Talbot had drunk from. He took her arm again and pulled her to the nearest trash can, dumping water onto her arm to cool the burn.

The student who bumped into Blair was scalded by the hot soup too. Some of the soup had splashed on his chest and legs. Worse, it was summer and he was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. So he was now groaning in pain on the floor.

Many students around were still in a daze as everything happened so quickly. Luckily, Talbot and the other soldiers reacted quickly and took charge of the situation. Some of them handed their bottles of water to Wesley one by one, while the others began to comfort Blair. "Does it hurt?"

"Blair, are you okay? Oh, my God. Your arm is so red now..."

The noise of the crowd snapped Joslyn back to her senses. She shot to her feet and ran to Blair's side. "Bless, you okay? Let's see your wound," she said worriedly.

Face still pale, Blair shook her head, though tears were threatening to fall from her eyes. She gritted her teeth and reassured her friend in a weak voice, "Don't worry. I'm okay."

Wesley knitted his brows and cast her a sidelong glance, wondering if she was pretending to be strong. But her face was already white as a sheet. And strangely, her pained expression made his heart ache a little bit...

Students ringed around the boy on the floor; some came forward to help him to his feet. He pulled up his T-shirt to check his scalds. His chest was just a little red, and compared to Blair's wound, it wasn't worth mentioning.

Wesley had gone through all the water bottles he had been given. He still felt it wasn't enough. So he grabbed her hand and led her towards the nearest sink in the cafeteria, while giving Talbot orders. "Talbot! Go buy some aloe vera cream."

"Yes, Chief!" Talbot responded and turned on his heels to carry out his orders.

Dragged by Wesley, Blair felt e

g now? It's just a little scald. Maybe you're not a fan of my first aid skills..."

Blair was angry. A bitter laugh escaped her lips. How could she fall in love with such a rude guy?

A normal man would comfort her. But why was he acting like this? Like she was doing this intentionally.

Blair shook off Wesley's hand and turned off the faucet. Eyes red from tears, she said, "You should know better than anyone. I'm a girl, like any other. I didn't go through endurance training in the military. It hurts, dammit! But I get it. You did your best. I'm not bitching or anything. Thanks for your help, Mr. Li. Goodbye!"

She had never talked to him like this. Frowning, Wesley called out to stop the woman from leaving. "Wait!"

Blair froze on the spot without turning around. She asked, "What now?"

"Blair Jing, I'll never fall in love with you. You're such a stubborn and unreasonable woman!" he announced firmly.

'I'm stubborn? Fine, yeah, I am. But unreasonable? Seriously? So everything I did, all my dreams of him and me, just made him hate me!' she thought sadly.

She turned around and glared at the expressionless man. Gnashing her teeth, she asked, "Anyone tell you you're an absolute jerk?"

Her eyes became redder. He replied calmly, "Nope." His men would always tell him he was a demon. Maybe that was the same thing, but he didn't care.

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