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   Chapter 541 Have A Drumstick

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Blair shook her head. "No, because I did just the opposite. I was always taking the initiative and was never inactive. I was often impulsive and eager to give and was never able to play cool. So, he didn't fall in love with me."

The smile on Joslyn's face faded. She patted Blair's shoulder and comforted her, "Remember, your nickname is Bless. Good fortune will always follow you. Don't be frustrated."

Blair wasn't going to give up yet. "I need to change my strategy. I'll keep a distance from him. He is so used to me following him around. If I stay away from him for some time, he might feel a void in his life."

"You go, girl! Do you need my help with anything?"

Blair put her arm around Joslyn's shoulders and said, "I can handle it. You just focus on locking down my cousin." Joslyn chuckled.

They walked into the canteen. The cool air from the air-conditioners blew on their skin, cooling them off a bit. But since the place was so crowded, the air-conditioners weren't very helpful.

At a large table not far from them, several military instructors, in their camouflage uniforms, were having their meals. They were very conspicuous among the students. Blair saw them as soon as she and Joslyn walked into the canteen. She also spotted Wesley, who was about to have his lunch.

He was sitting opposite a few other military instructors. Talbot, who was next to him, noticed Blair and Joslyn walk in.

"Hey! Look! Isn't that Blair and her friend?"

The others turned their heads to look, except Wesley. He remained indifferent as usual.

"Talbot, how do you know her name?" one of the military instructors joked.

Talbot bragged in a low voice, "Smooth, huh? I just found out that she is a top student here and is pretty famous in the university."

Lenard Niu leaned towards the table and cut in, "Does she have a boyfriend? If she doesn't, why don't you fix us up?"

Wesley, who was eating, paused for a second without looking up. Then, he

ing was off between them, but they didn't know what it was yet.

They resumed eating. Instructing the freshmen wasn't a big deal, so they ate at a leisurely pace.

During the meal, Blair felt thirsty. "Excuse me," she said to the others.

"Where are you going?" Joslyn asked.

"To get some soup."

The guys at the table wanted to help, but Blair left the table quickly, without even giving them the chance to offer their help.

After a short while, she returned carrying a tray with the hot soup on it. Since Wesley's seat was nearest to the place where the soup was being served, Blair had to pass him on her way back to the table.

Just when she was walking by him, a boy, who was fighting playfully with his friend, accidentally stepped on a banana peel and fell towards Blair.

"Shit!" the boy cried as he collapsed onto her.

"Aah!" Blair screamed as the hot soup spilled all over her bare arm.

The bowl and the tray thudded onto the floor.

The loud noise attracted everyone's attention.

Someone had grabbed her arm in time. She looked back and saw that it was Wesley.

If it weren't for him, the entire bowl of soup would have spilled all over the upper part of her body. And probably all over her face too. Thanks to Wesley, only one third of the hot soup spilled onto her arm.

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