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Hartwell laid his chopsticks down on the table and said, "Wesley goes to see my father very often. I'll ask my father to talk to him and your substitute guidance counselor."

"Thanks, Hartwell, but that's not necessary. I'm fine now. Besides, he saved my life in the library," said Blair.

"I don't know exactly what happened in the library, but he is a serviceman. He would have saved anybody under the circumstances."

Hartwell's words came as a wet blanket. Blair had been eating, but she paused when she heard that. Her spirits dampened even further. She knew that she had been fooling herself into thinking that Wesley cared about her, and that now it was time to wake up. "You're right. As it happens, I was the one being held as the hostage that day. Anyway, why don't we move on?"

Hartwell studied her face; there was nothing unusual about her expression. "Have you gotten used to living alone? You're too stubborn, you know. I told you not to move out, but you insisted."

"I enjoy living on my own. I don't like restraints. You know that." Everyone in the Ji family was nice to her. But she had to follow all kinds of rules, which were insufferable to her.

Hartwell smiled helplessly. "As long as you're happy. Since I work in another city now, I have so little time to take care of you. I'd like to check out your place after dinner. Only after making sure that you're safe and comfortable will I be truly relieved."

"All right, fine. By the way, why didn't you let me invite Joslyn to join us tonight?"

Hartwell smiled. "I'll ask her out some other time."

Blair nodded knowingly. "Oh. So, you didn't want me to be the third wheel."

Hartwell didn't deny it. "I have been really busy lately, so I couldn't call her. Now that I'm here, I want to make it up to her so that she won't misunderstand."

Blair understood. At work, Hartwell's phone was kept by his secretary. And when he was finally off the clock, it was usually very late. This time, he had come to Y City because he had some work to get d

r bent over the desk. "I think so," she replied.

Joslyn gave it a bit of thought and figured out what was going on. "You didn't take your medicine, did you?"

Busted, Blair giggled. "I already had an infusion. I don't need the medicine. I don't know what's going on. I was fine yesterday."

Joslyn was unhappy. "You don't know? You brought this upon yourself because you didn't take your medicine! I'll personally shove the medicine down your throat at noon. I'm not gonna leave you be." Joslyn knew that Blair hated taking medicines, but she was worried about her.

"All right. All right. I concede," Blair said. She was feeling too miserable. This time, not having medicines was more terrible than having them.

Near noon, the students started walking towards the cafeteria.

Joslyn complained about the hot weather; it was making her uncomfortable. While they were chatting, she suddenly thought of Wesley. "How is everything going?" she asked Blair.

Blair knew what she was referring to. "Here is my strategy—sometimes take the initiative, sometimes be inactive; never be impulsive, always be perceptive; no matter how eager you are to give, always play cool to achieve. That's how you make a man fall in love."

Joslyn looked at her excitedly. "Sounds brilliant. So, how is that working for you? Did he fall in love with you yet?"

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