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   Chapter 538 Blair Fainted

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Joslyn asked Blair in a whisper, "How is it going between you and Wesley? He didn't even look at you. It's as if he doesn't even know who you are."

Blair twitched her mouth unhappily. "I suppose he has forgotten my name. Besides, he is the aloof type in nature."

"How could he forget your name? You told me that you kissed him. I thought everything was going great between you two," Joslyn commented with a wicked smile.

"I only kissed him on the corner of his mouth. It's not what you think." Blair's phone buzzed. She took it out of her pocket and unlocked the screen.

It was from Hartwell. "Hartwell is coming home in one or two days. What do you think of a get-together?" she asked Joslyn as she read his message.

Joslyn pondered for a while, and then asked, "Ideally speaking, how much older do you think a man could be than a woman in a relationship?"

Blair looked at Wesley, who was walking towards them now, and answered, "Four years." He was four years older than her.

Joslyn was pretty disappointed. "Four? But your cousin, Hartwell, is ten years older than me! Should I give up?" she asked with a pout.

Blair put her phone away and said in a hurry, "You and Hartwell are a different case."

As soon as she finished, Wesley came up to them. Standing straight, he commanded, "Attention!"

Blair and Joslyn stopped talking at once and stood straight as an arrow.

"Left turn!" Wesley commanded once again.

Initially, Blair had been standing to Joslyn's left, and now, she was face to face with her.

Joslyn burst out laughing. Blair realized she had turned the wrong way.

She turned around to her left quickly and stood to attention.

Wesley found her lovely and extremely funny. But as the strictest military training instructor, he kept telling himself not to laugh. "Quick time, march! Left foot first, 75 cm forward!"

'75 cm? How far is 75 cm?' Blair wondered, totally confused. She wasn't good with numbers. When she turned around helplessly to look at Joslyn, she found that her friend was even more puzzle

while. "Where's my friend?" she asked.

"She went back to her class." Since Blair seemed fine, Wesley stood up from the chair to leave.

Blair wasn't going to miss such a good opportunity to be alone with him.

When he turned to leave, she lay back on the bed and whined, "Oh, my head. I feel so dizzy."

Wesley turned around to look at her. "I'll go get the doctor."

Before he could leave, Blair grabbed his hand. The calluses on his palm made her heart ache. She could imagine how much effort he had put into being a good soldier. "I don't need a doctor. I want to go home and rest."

Her gentle touch sent his heart racing. As if an electric shock had passed through him, he quickly withdrew his hand. He couldn't even look her in the eye. Instead, he averted his gaze to the empty drip bottle and said in a cold tone, "Then, go home."

"But I'm too feeble to walk."

"I'll have someone drive you home."

"But we're neighbors. Nobody lives closer to me than you do." Obviously, she was saying that if someone had to take her home, it should be him.

Perhaps, he didn't get her point. He replied, "I'll not buy an apartment so close to yours ever again."

Blair thought, 'Do you have to be so insulting?'

After a long sigh, she asked, "Can you give me a lift?"

"I have to go someplace else later."

"You can go there after taking me home."

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