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   Chapter 537 Freshly Made Coffee

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Since Adalson was in another city, he couldn't check on Blair personally. He had called Wesley and had asked him to check on her as a favor for him.

Wesley didn't know how to respond to that.

That night, Blair slept with a wide smile on her lips. What she didn't know was that, across the hall, due to her little kiss, Wesley had to go to the bathroom a few times in order to take cold showers.

At four in the morning, he put her name on his list of troublesome people. Most of the people on the list were the unruliest criminals. Two minutes later, touching the corner of his mouth, he moved Blair's name to the top of the list, which meant, to Wesley, Blair had just become the most troublesome person on the planet.

The next morning, Blair got up very early to create a chance to meet Wesley. She had found out his entire schedule—when he would return from his morning exercise and what time he would enter the elevator.

However, none of that happened. The man didn't show up as she had expected. Actually, to avoid her, last night, he had decided to take the stairs from that day on instead of riding the elevator.

For the next three days, Blair didn't meet Wesley even once in the building. Just when she started to think that he probably hadn't been home lately, she heard the sound of his door closing as he left the apartment in a hurry.

She wondered when he had come home and why she hadn't met him earlier.

Blair had art lesson that afternoon. She didn't want to go, but Joslyn liked art and wanted her company, so Blair agreed to attend the lesson.

In the drawing studio, Blair doodled on the drawing board with her black crayon. Half the lesson had passed and she still hadn't drawn anything worthy.

The young female guidance counselor walked over to her and frowned. "Blair, what are you doing? What is that?" she reprimanded.

The white drawing paper on Blair's board was filled with useless doodling. She quickly tore it and tossed it into the waste basket. "It's nothing. I'll start over now."

The guidance counselor walked away, grumbling under her breath. Watching her figure receding, Blair made a face behind her back.

The counselor wasn't theirs to begin with, and the drawing studio wasn't where her duty was. She was only in the studio because their art instructor had been occupied elsewhere lately. Since this female guidance counselor knew a bit about art, she had bee

u let go of my hand? We're not that close.'

She tried to wriggle out of Miss Zheng's grasp on the way to the sports ground, but failed to do so. With so many students and military instructors on the ground, Blair didn't want to make a scene, so she stopped struggling when they got there. The guidance counselor took the girls to the middle of the ground.

She specifically walked to Wesley. "Officer Li, I'm a guidance counselor of this university. I heard that you were the strictest military instructor here. These two have been misbehaving in class. I leave them to you. Please see to it that they'll finish their five-kilometer run."

Blair and Joslyn were bereft of words.

"I'm too busy," Wesley rebuffed after giving the two girls an indifferent look.

The guidance counselor was embarrassed. But she wasn't going to give up that easily. "Officer Li, please consider them as a couple of new attendees in the military training. Thank you," she said with a smile.

The students Wesley was training were standing in a military manner. Blair observed them. Although the training had been going on for merely a few days, they had made obvious progress; their formation was in much better order than the other students'.

After giving it more thought, Wesley decided not to make things too difficult for the guidance counselor, so he nodded and said, "Okay."

The guidance counselor left, but Wesley still didn't speak to the two girls. Blair and Joslyn stood in the sun, waiting for him to give orders.

However, he turned around and walked back to the freshmen to give them more instructions.

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