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   Chapter 536 How About Me

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Wesley had changed into casual clothes. Standing at the door, he asked, "You ever lock your door?"

Blair answered without turning back, "Not really. It's just you and me here. No one else lives on our floor. Why bother?"

Then, Wesley lectured her as if he were talking to a child. "It's dangerous. You don't know who else might walk in."

"Okay, okay. Fine. Any foods you don't like?" asked Blair as she poured some cooking oil into the wok after putting it on the stove. Before he answered, she muttered, "Probably not. My uncle said one time you guys had to eat grass to survive. I can't even!"

Wesley was reduced to silence. 'Eat grass? What are we? Sheep?'

While Blair was cooking in the kitchen, Wesley looked around her living room. It looked quite safe. Adalson might have helped set the place up. There were even fire extinguishers.

"Can you cook?" Blair turned back and asked out of the blue.

"Oh yeah," Wesley replied, meeting her eyes.

"Well, good." 'Our kids won't go hungry then, ' Blair thought to herself.

By the time dinner was ready, Wesley was watching TV on the couch in the living room. He had a good view of the kitchen from the couch, so he could keep an eye on her that way.

Blair had cooked several dishes, including vegetables and meat dishes. She carried them to the dining room. There was also congee with lean pork and century eggs. The last thing she brought to the table was a stack of pancakes.

Blair ladled two bowls of congee and waved to Wesley with a smile. "Dinner's ready. Come and eat."

Wesley said, "I don't—"

"That's a lot of food. How am I supposed to eat it all? Come on, let's not waste it." Blair interrupted him. She knew he was going to refuse, so she didn't give him the chance to say it.

Wesley rose to his feet and walked to the dining room. "Alright," he said after taking a seat at the dining table. "But don't do this again."

"Okay," Blair replied with a smile.

No doubt she was an excellent cook. She could cook all kinds of dishes. We

er, her delicate body would snap.

His hands tightened and his jaw hardened; the look in his eyes was fierce. 'He's angry, ' Blair realized.

"That was for saving me—again."

There were many ways to say thank you. She chose the one that made her the happiest.

Wesley was still tightening his hands around her waist. "Ouch! Let...go!" she cried.

He let go of her quickly, keeping his hands on her shoulders, and stood back from her, at arm's length. "Miss Jing, let's not let that happen again," he warned in a hard tone.

Having been a high-ranking military officer for such a long time, he had been used to giving orders. He talked in an authoritative tone even in front of Blair.

She tilted her head and snorted, "I'm not your soldier. I don't have to follow your orders." 'I kissed you. So now what?'

If Blair were a man, Wesley would have pounded on her or ordered her to do thousands of deep squats.

Too bad for him, she was a woman. A delicate woman, whom he could neither scold nor hit. After racking his brains, Wesley made a lame retort. "For Uncle Adalson's sake, I'll pretend nothing happened." Then he went back to washing the dishes.

Blair reached for her lips. His warmth lingered there. She smiled and put her hands behind her back, exclaiming, "My uncle is so good to me. Even when he's not there, he helps me."

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