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   Chapter 534 The Hostage Seems Calm

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6480

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Soon the library had more screams of terror than books. Blair even heard someone shout, "Run!"

The atmosphere was so tense that Blair unconsciously held her breath. She suddenly had a bad feeling about this. She picked up her book and walked to the hallway to see what was happening.

However, before she could figure it out, she was pulled roughly, and a man put his arm around her. She could feel something hard, cold, and sharp pressed against her neck. She lowered her eyes and saw a knife out of the corner of her eye.

The guy controlling her reeked of sweat. Blair fought back the urge to vomit.

She struggled in his grip, but he increased the pressure of the knife. "Don't move!" he shouted. "Or I'll kill you right now!"

When the other students ran to the entrance of the library, a girl with a pale face approached them slowly. In a trembling voice, she pleaded, "Liam, don't do this. Please. Let her go."

The sight of the girl erased his angry expression. His eyes reflected the pain he felt. "It's been ten years. I can't forget you, I can't quit you. I need you, Elma. Be with me, or I'll kill her. And me. You get to watch!"

Not until then did Blair realize that she had become a hostage.

Meeting Elma's horrified and sad eyes, Blair cleared her throat. "Calm down, man. Is that a new knife? Put it down. My neck is so hot. What if you leave a scar? What will I tell my boyfriend?"

While the students were running out of the library, more than ten men in camouflage uniforms stormed into the place.

"Shut up! I don't care what your boyfriend thinks!" Liam spat impatiently.

At that moment, the soldiers appeared on the second floor where the kidnapper was. Blair tried to reason with the kidnapper. "But I don't know you. Or Elma. Why hold me hostage?"

Among the soldiers, a man with no cap whispered in Wesley's ear, "The hostage seems pretty calm. She's not freaking out."

When Wesley saw wh

rself. She pointed to a book and said, "Hey, check that out!"

Liam followed her finger, and didn't hear the hushed noises behind him. "What? Are you messing with me?" he spat.

"No, no! It's my favorite book. Can I touch it one last time before I die?" Blair began to babble in order to distract him.

"Shut up! Do I look like an idiot to you? A medical book? This is Y City Language and Culture University!"

Blair took a closer look at the book and was stunned. 'Why is there a medical book here? We don't even have a department of medicine!'

Right at that moment, a soldier kicked the hand Liam held the knife in. Neither Liam nor Blair saw it coming. The knife was dropped on the floor.

Uttering a heartrending cry, Liam staggered and bumped into a bookshelf, with Blair still under his control. He bumped his left arm on the shelf. Blair was tugged with him. He still had an arm wrapped around her, high, near her shoulders. Boom! Her head hit the shelf, and she saw stars.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. It wasn't long before Blair was pulled to her feet and wrapped in a man's warm arms.

With her blurry eyes, Blair saw Wesley's fantastic physique. 'Wow, he's really hot, ' she thought.

Wesley held her in his arms and kicked Liam hard in the gut.

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