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   Chapter 533 Her Heart Was Crushed

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7515

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Wesley stepped onto the balcony and found that his clothes were hung there.

'She entered the apartment without my permission, and on top of that, she did my laundry too?

What a weird girl!' he thought.

Blair had classes to attend early the next morning. The alarm clock roused her from her deep sleep. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she left her apartment and entered the elevator, her head still blank from yesterday's incident.

When the elevator reached the first floor, she was still in a daze, not realizing that she had to get out. At that moment, a man entered.

It was Wesley.

'Wait! Wesley!' Blair's eyes widened, as she immediately snapped back into reality.

Wesley was wearing a grey sweatshirt, black shorts and a pair of Nike Air Max 720. He had just finished his morning exercise. Blair could still see beads of sweat on his forehead.

Wesley cast a casual glance at her before pressing the button to the sixteenth floor. Blair watched blankly as the doors closed slowly. 'Oh God! What am I doing?' she thought. "Wait!" she yelled. "Sorry. I need to get out."

She pressed the open button and left the elevator in a hurry. When the doors were about to close again, Wesley blocked them with his foot and called out, "Wait!"

Blair stopped and turned around by instinct. "Me?"

Wesley didn't respond to her question. Under Blair's expectant eyes, he said coldly, "Do not touch my stuff again. I hate people touching my things without my permission."

Blair's heart was crushed under the weight of his cold words.

She wanted to apologize to him for intruding, but he didn't give her the chance to say anything. The doors closed quickly and the elevator went up to the sixteenth floor.

Dejected, Blair left the housing estate and arrived at the subway station. The journey was short, but she felt like she had been dumped a thousand times.

Inside the classroom, Blair was leaning over the desk and flipping through the pages of her English book. "Joslyn, do you think that girl is his girlfriend?" she murmured in English.

Joslyn rolled her eyes and spat, "Miss Jing, please speak Chinese! Mandarin!"

They had just had an English class, and Blair was too overwhelmed. She sat up and a

t opposite Wesley's, but Hartwell Ji didn't know that yet. He was working in another city, and no one had told him.

Since there were no classes in the afternoon, Blair decided to go to the library to study Arabic Language and Literature.

Joslyn had her own matters to deal with, so Blair had to go alone.

On her way to the library, she walked past the playground. The freshmen in their camouflage uniforms were being trained there, as they marched shouting military slogans. The young students, full of vigor and vitality, were like the bright morning sun.

When she passed by a tree on the playground, she heard two girls discussing Wesley. "He is so handsome! So masculine and dashing. This is the first time I've met him, but I'm already in love with him."

"I saw him yesterday. He is always the shining star in the crowd. He is the instructor of Class 6. I'm so envious of them!"

Following their gazes, Blair saw Wesley in his military uniform and a cap.

He was guiding the students to goose step. The eyes of the students were full of admiration for their instructor.

Blair stayed for a while before she headed to the library, a little dejected.

Although the air-conditioner was on in the library, it was still a little hot. There were only a few students in there. Blair found the book she had wanted to read, and began to go through it.

After about ten minutes, she heard a shriek. Blair raised her head to see what was going on, but a bookshelf blocked her view.

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