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   Chapter 531 I May Have To Trouble You

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7155

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Adalson and Blair lived in the same housing estate. Wesley just happened to be visiting Adalson today. After he left the house and was in his car, he heard the explosion. Without hesitation, he changed direction and raced toward the source of the sound. That was why Wesley was able to save Blair.

Staring at the bottle of water in Wesley's hand, Blair murmured, "Wesley, am I a murderer?"

'People seem to think he's honest. He won't lie to me, ' she thought.

Wesley was stunned for a moment. 'She knows me?'

He squatted down before her and looked the girl in the eye. If he was his usual self, he would tell her, "You're not a kid. Why didn't you call the police or the fire department? And why did you stay in the house instead of trying to get out?"

However, he couldn't just say that. The girl's parents died in the fire. He had to be a little more sensitive, despite the fact that he didn't quite know how. "Don't blame yourself. The fire was blazing. Even firefighters failed to get inside. You couldn't have done anything."

A smile appeared on Blair's pale face. "Wesley, can you give me a hug?" Her heart was aching fiercely. She desperately wanted someone to hug her and comfort her.

Wesley was at a loss for words. 'Do I look like a kind person?' he asked himself.

However, he sighed in defeat under her hopeful expression. After a moment's pause, he looked around, screwed the cap back on the bottle, put it on the ground and took the girl in his arms.

Blair held his waist and burst out crying. Her waist trembled against his, her body racked by sobs.

Her birthday was in two months, and now she was an orphan.

A year later

At Hillside Apartments

After the moving company dropped off the last piece of furniture, one of the staff told Blair, "It's done, Miss Jing."

Blair, who was unpacking her things in the bedroom, came to the living room to finish things up. "Thank you, guys," she beamed.

"You're welcome, Miss Jing. We're leaving now."

"Okay. Bye!" Blair accompanied them to the door. Before she closed it, she looked at the closed door opposite her apartment and flashed a knowi

le her. "Hey! Never mess with your friend's crush!"

"Let me go, Blair! What if I get killed? My teammates will get mad!" She was playing a MOBA game.

Blair let go of her helplessly. "Okay, okay. Just watch where you are going! Gotta go."

"All right. Bye, Mom!" she teased.

Blair rolled her eyes and left the campus.

After leaving the metro station, she got to her own apartment in two minutes or so. The moment she entered the estate, she saw a military vehicle driving towards the underground parking garage.

She sped up and ran as fast as she could. Luckily, she was able to stop the elevator on the first floor in time.

When the doors opened, she saw the man she was expecting to see—Wesley, who had just emerged from the underground car park.

Gasping for air, she gave him a broad smile and said, "What a coincidence!"

Wesley stared at her face for a few seconds and then nodded his head without saying a word.

Blair was a bit frustrated. 'He's really a man of few words. Fine! I'll try and find something interesting to talk about.' However, when she saw her reflection in the wall of the elevator, her eyes widened in shock.

Her hair was a mess. Her face was as red as a tomato. The thing that stuck out most was a black mark on her face. She looked down at her hands, and found that her index finger was dirty. She had stained her face when she had adjusted her hair. 'How embarrassing!'

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