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   Chapter 530 Am I A Murderer

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Blair had heard about Wesley long before they met. Everyone thought he was a hero. In Blair's eyes, he was a superhero.

Blair was luckier than Wesley's other fans because her uncle was his superior. A few loving words were all it took, and her uncle told her anything she wanted to know about the man she had a crush on.

Even so, Blair had never asked her uncle to introduce her. She believed in fate, and somehow, she firmly believed that they would eventually be together.

Shock of shocks, she was right. She met him not long after.

But their first meeting was not a fun one.

That year, Blair was nineteen years old and Wesley was twenty-three.

Blair was a college student, and her college was in the same city as her home. But she seldom came home. Whenever she did, she always saw her parents fighting.

But sometimes, she had to come home. Just like today.

It was the holidays. Her roommates all went home. Blair stood in front of the villa with a small suitcase. It was a beautiful villa, but hardly warm.

She typed in the code at the entrance. "Beep!" The door to the villa opened.

"Look at you! I'm sick of you! Why did you come back? Get out of here!" a woman shrieked—she was Blair's mom, Grace Ji. Blair sighed helplessly as she realized that her mom was yelling at her dad again.

Judging from her name, you could tell that Grace Ji's parents wanted her to be a graceful woman.

And she worked to live up to that name. Even now, she was soft and elegant in public. Everyone believed that her name reflected her inner beauty.

But she was a totally different woman in front of Jacob Jing, Blair's father.

Blair knew why—it was because of life.

Life had ground her kind-hearted and gentle mom down. She became bitter and angry.

Blair put on her slippers and entered the living room. Before she could greet her parents, she heard a loud bang and flames sprang up to the ceiling.

By the way, Jacob Jing was a Professor of Chemistry, but his degree hadn't made him much money.

The man couldn't stand his wife any longer, and couldn't see any other way out. He decided to destroy himself along with her.

The explosive was homemade. After all, he was good at chemistry. Bl


Firemen, policemen, EMTs, and their vehicles splashing colored light over the crowd. The villa was surrounded by people.

The fire was finally put out after an hour. The villa had been burnt to a blackened husk. Anyone that was still in there was merely char and ashes.

Adalson Ji, who was in a green uniform, squatted down before Blair. Eyes full of sorrow, he said softly, "Blair, come with me." Standing beside Adalson Ji was a man in a camo suit—Wesley.

Confusion was written all over Blair's face. "Uncle, why did they abandon me?"

The question brought a lump to his throat. That was his sister and brother-in-law, and he couldn't save them. He stroked her hair as if comforting a child. "They didn't abandon you. You're still their daughter, no matter what."

"Uncle, I was in the villa too, but I didn't die." Blair clenched her fists tightly, her face as pale as a sheet. "I couldn't save them. Am I a murderer?"

She watched as her parents died. She was so guilty that she thought she was responsible for their deaths.

Adalson Ji felt rather sorry for her. "No! That's not it. You're still a sweet kid. You had nothing to do with this," he coaxed her.

'I'm almost nineteen. Not really a kid, ' she thought.

Adalson Ji got a call over his radio. He stepped away to make a report. Wesley and Blair were left alone.

Wesley passed a bottle of water to the girl, who stared blankly at the ground. "Have a drink. It'll help your throat," he said.

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