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   Chapter 529 The End Of Carlos And Debbie's Story

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7626

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"But I'm really sleepy," Carlos said with a secret grin.

He leaned closer to kiss Debbie on her lips tenderly. Then, he slowly moved to her face and neck without stopping. Debbie rolled her eyes and said in her mind, 'Liar.'

"Let me go! I need to take a shower," she protested.

Carlos kept her pressed against the wall, pulled out the bank card from his pocket and gave it to her. "I've earned around three billion dollars in the past two months. If you sleep with me now, I'll ask Tristan to wire the money to your account immediately."

Debbie almost laughed out loud when she saw Carlos' pitiful expression. She suppressed the giggles and asked, "I took all your money and properties before I left. Are you not angry? Are you sure you want to give me more money?"

"No, I'm not angry. And yes, I want to give you more. As long as you come back home with me, I will give you everything I have," Carlos promised.

Tears welled up in Debbie's eyes. 'Is this the same aloof CEO? He is such a fool!' she thought.

"Honey, why are you crying?" Carlos tensed up.

Debbie took the card from him and put it back into his pocket. She stood on tiptoe to cradle his neck and then gave him a gentle kiss. "Honey, I never used the money I had taken from your account. I just wanted to scare you so that you'd cherish me more in the future."

Carlos kissed her back while saying, "You don't have to explain. You can do whatever you want with it. Just promise me that you won't leave me again. I can't sleep without you by my side." What Debbie didn't know was that Carlos was aware of it when she had begun to transfer his money and properties into her account.

'Silly woman. Did she really think that I wouldn't know about it? I wouldn't be able to run ZL Group if I was so naive, ' he thought with a faint smile.

Debbie nodded her head vigorously.

The air between them was tender and warm.

Meanwhile, in Y City, some daily reporters tried to learn about Carlos and Debbie's current status from their friends. When they asked the group whether Carlos and Debbie were divorced and whether she had run away with all his money, they simply smiled and said nothing.

That night, some paparazzi in Bangkok took photos of Carlos and Debbie kissing at the roadside and

it would be a girl!"

Carlos accused coldly, "Looks like you had a lover in your previous life."

Debbie used to say that a daughter was her father's lover in his previous life. She had dug her own hole with that.

When Debbie recovered from the delivery, Carlos had sex with her every night. "What happened to you? Why are you so horny?" she asked in confusion.

He pressed her against the bed. "I want a fourth baby," he simply said.

'What? A fourth baby?' Debbie was shocked. "You didn't even want me to have our third baby. I had to puncture the condoms so that we could have Matthew. Why do you suddenly want a fourth baby?"

Carlos repeated what she had told him before. "I'd like to see how many lovers you had in your previous life."

Debbie cried out as her body was killing her. "Honey, please spare me," she pleaded.

Carlos chuckled. Debbie was his queen, and he was like her slave most of the times. But when they were in bed, he was the undisputed king.

"Will you bully me in the future?" he asked.

"No, no, no. Wait! I have never bullied you before!" she protested.

Carlos leaned against the headboard. "Are you saying that it's just the way you love me?"

"Bingo! Honey, I'm so much in love with you." She winked at him.

Carlos' smile broadened as he said affectionately, "I love you too, honey."

They looked each other in the eye. Then, Debbie threw herself into his arms. "Muah!"

'Deb, I'll love you and dote on you for the rest of our lives!' he swore to himself.

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